Tuesday, May 31, 2011

If these walls could talk

What do my house and the objects around it say about me?

That when I defrost the freezer compartment it's a good opportunity to chill the wine.

That my husband thinks if he leaves the cookie package in the cupboard long enough, the cookies might regenerate themselves from the crumbs. To be fair, I'm guilty of this myself (but not as often).

That I like to make bouquets out of the leftovers my husband has from his job (this one came from wedding leftovers).

That somebody around here is learning to use the potty. We still have to prompt her to do it. The stickers are a reward. And she likes to put her stickers on top of each other.

That there's competition for the fleece blanket. (To be honest I had to get her to repose for this one because when I went off to get the camera, of course she had moved!)

That I'm obsessive about my window boxes. I love the hanging type plants. I prefer a mix of colors rather than just red geraniums.

And what do your houses/apartments say about you?


Anonymous said...

my house says 'my occuptants neglect me because they are planning on trading me in'.

I like the potty chart JuJu has! and I LOVE how you got her to repose for the photo! haha

The Many Colours of Happiness said...

Love this! The photo of the cat and your girl is so cute :) Mine would say 'obsessive hoarder' :p

Lindle said...

My question is: How could that FAT cat possibly get into Juliette's bed???

And how could Remi leave cookie crumbs? Don't you know you are supposed to hold the container to your mouth and shake them down?
Love the flowers!

katecreate said...

Mine says that I like to keep things in order.

Crystal said...

Mine would say that 2 pets live here and that's why there is hair all over everything.

It would also say that a Canadian girl lives here because of all my Canada inspired knick knacks, magazines and photos!

Mil said...

Emmy, your new house will get lots of love, I'm sure.

Many Colours, I hoard a bit, too. But not like those folks on TV.

Mom, Remi's in such a hurry to eat he doesn't realize there is anything left (or not) in the package. Yes, the cat is fat but he can still jump!

Katecreate, I dream of a more orderly house. But it's not happening lately. I blame the blogging...

Crystal, So much pet hair here, too. I find that vacuuming works better than sweeping.