Saturday, May 21, 2011

Baby's got new shoes

I can't resist another video. There's a lot of mumbling in here, so bear with it. She's mostly talking about the cat and his eating habits. And then she twirls her foot at the end to show you her shoe.

Bilingual update: she still speaks a lot of English with me and Remi (as she knows he understands both). There are just some phrases she continues to say in French even around me, like "c'est quoi?" (what is it?) or "donne" (give), "il est où?" (where is it?). There is some Frenglish at times, phrases that start in one language and finish in another: like, "Il est où my sock?"

There are some funny things she's still getting the hang of, like "my" which often becomes "mine". Like, "that's mine book". And she'll often say, "where are we over there?" when we're going to a new place.

She's definitely got that toddler tunnel vision of thinking that if she asks something enough times I will give in. When we pull into the parking lot of our apartment she often starts asking sweetly (and incessantly), "play in the grass, please?!"

It's still amazing for me to compare what she was like just a year ago. Zero to three (she'll turn three in July) have flown by. We visited her school Thursday and got a glimpse of he fun playrooms there. She couldn't sit still in my lap during our meeting with the principal. Let's hope my little Juju won't be a troublemaker. Mostly I hope she'll enjoy herself and the teacher will treasure her as much as I do.


nikita_the_traveller said...

Soooo cute when she's opens her mouth wide in the vid!!

Oneika said...

So cute when she opens her mouth wide in the vid!

Crystal said...

love the video and I can't wait to hear her talk more "Franglais" in person. I wonder if she'll have a strong accent when she's older and speaks English with you?

Beautiful bébé :)

Deidre said...

She's so lucky being brought up bilingual!

I hosting a German exchange student one year, and her dad is American and spoke only English to them, and she doesn't have any accent at all, but her brother still has a fairly strong German accent when he speaks English. (that was kind of an unrelated comment sorry!)

Lindle said...

I love the way she walks around sipping her juice as if it is a cup of coffee or tea and is casually chatting about the family cat. So charming! Her voice is so sweet, no matter which language she is chopping up.

The Many Colours of Happiness said...

She is such a cutie!!! and that's so cool that she's bilingual :)