Saturday, May 28, 2011

Sweet sounds

When I first got to France I found some of the French music a bit too soft for my tastes. (This is not to say there aren't some rockin' French bands...) But I guess I've come to appreciate the softer side sometimes as well.

Take a listen to this song (C'est bientôt la fin) from the musical Mozart Opera Rock. It's really one of the most uplifting melodies I've heard in a while. Remi spotted the lyrics: "mets du fard sur tes idées pâles" (put some blush on your pale ideas). The images in the video mix modern day Paris with the characters from the past. Something about it all just kind of makes me happy about living in France. (Don't worry, I'll be back to complaining any moment now). Can't get it to be in its own youtube screen so you'll have to do it old school. PS: there might be an add before the song.


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Lindle said...

Your living in Europe has created a cultural bridge for us stateside. We have discovered that, though there are differences, they really are incredible people who are just trying to make life solid and happy. Along the way you've introduced me to sights and sounds I might never have encountered--and even music that is ignored here. Thanks---I enjoyed the video and the rich sigts of Paris.