Monday, October 29, 2012

Falling for fall

Yes, it's that time of year again.  Time for me to blog about fall.  That contradictory season when I'm part-enchanted, part-depressed. 

The enchantment, of course, comes from the colors that never cease to wow me.  That time of year when I can't help but snap pictures of gorgeous trees.  Check. 

Or promise myself to appreciate the beauty of small things (hydrangea flowers and rose hips) and not get down about there being less light in the evening.  Check.

And focus on the fun seasonal things like Halloween to distract me.  Check. 

Here you see a sleeping Juju wearing her princess crown that we prepared for our little Halloween/tea party where she was Rapunzel. 

And enjoying the slighter calmer fall activities like puttering around the greenhouse as Remi prepares for the mum-selling period of All Saints' Day.  Check.

But it wouldn't be me without a little dose of fall blues.  I think this year has been better cause I've been very conscious of how great it is to have time to myself again after last year's studyfest.  But it's biological too.  As my coworker and friend Marine says, we're all beasties after all.  The inner animal in us can't help but be affected by the changing light and decline of the plants around us. 

Something makes us feel like we've got to shut down or at least slow down a bit.  I can't help but get downright nervous about winter and the cold and the potentially grey days ahead of us.  That's why I've got to keep myself busy and find things to warm my soul.

What are your favorite anti-blues fall activities?  What's your favorite season?  

Saturday, October 20, 2012

JT dances to JT

Because her initials are JT also, just like...Justin Timberlake.  Better go now 'cause she's just cleared out the space behind the sofa so we can recreate the video!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

My life in pictures

Hey everyone.  Somehow I haven't found the time to update my blog in a while.  Work has been busy (which is a good thing).  Still looking for lab jobs while teaching English. But really just happy to have a job and some stability after last year's meager earnings. 

Here are a few of the highlights of the last month...

Remi totally surprised me with an outing to celebrate my ten year anniversary in France.  I thought we were going to visit some friends for lunch but in fact he'd arranged for my good friend Caroline to watch Juliette while he and I went out to lunch (Italian- my favorite).  A very lovely way to celebrate and a touching moment.  Here you see us all together when we joined Caro and Juju in town after lunch.  She was a fabulous babysitter, too!

Another Sunday we visited a war cemetery around here (there are tons) from the First World War.  It so wasn't Juliette's thing but was a nice outing anyway.

She's also mastering writing her first name (though her alphabet kit only had one T and E).

And finally a bit of art I put up in the bedroom  made with some fabric samples and cheap Ikea frames. 

Nothing very extraordinary going on, but after my intense year of studying and stressing, I truly enjoy the down-time and being able to enjoy the little things.