Thursday, May 5, 2011

Bits and pieces

As promised, here's a picture of the peony plant in bloom. It doesn't last long. Luckily I snapped a picture on Easter day because the blooms are already fading.

And a few things I wanted to share from my trip to the UK that I haven't yet gotten around to. Like this toy display from Boots, the upscale drugstore. I'm a bit disappointed at this sexist marketing. I'm sure they meant well, but since when are scientific toys only for boys?! Click to enlarge and see for yourself.

Here's a bridge named after my sister. Although she spells her name with a "y".

If you find yourself in Canterbury one day, I highly recommend a tour on the river. Especially the one by the company where handsome young English lads (click on the link to check them out) row you around while telling charming stories about the city.

We also experienced some of that famous British politeness. While waiting in line in Poundland, a new cash register opened up in front of me but I didn't notice. The young guy behind me said, "do you want to go to that one?" in such a polite and non-imposing way. Frankly, I'd forgotten what it was like to be in a land where people don't push and shove. I realized with a bit of shame that I'd just gone ahead when the register had opened up the day before in the same shop, not even asking the lady in front of me if she wanted to take it. It's something I would have done in the US, perhaps. So maybe there's no clearcut rule on this but it does seem the Brits are much more polite about these types of things.

Hard to believe it's already been about two weeks since our trip! Dad's now safely back in the US. It was great seeing him and I was glad for the company since Remi's been working like a madman in the garden center. Juliette still asks sometimes if we're going to see grandpa when I pick her up. Hopefully next year! Until then we'll remember the fun we had and plan on our next set of adventures. My mom should be coming in June so that's something to look forward to!


Oneika said...

I am always astounded at how nice people are when I go back to Canada!

Also, your daughter is just so precious!

Jenenz said...

They are quite nice in Canada. I think it's a Commonwealth thing. The countries in the Commonwealth hold on to British customs.

I didn't know that peonys great so large!

Your visit to the UK looked relaxing. I hope to go back again.

The Many Colours of Happiness said...

The plant is doing so well! And your daughter is gorgeous :)
I can't believe that drugstore, that is awful!! I thought we were beyond that...

Lindle said...

Juliette in the French garden with her Winnie-the-Pooh Blanket---priceless. Love the peonies. I got three to bloom this year myself--two dark pinks, and one pale pink. They are an incredible flower. But the sweetest flower is JuJu--when she's not in temper mode!