About me

Wow, so it's taken me over three years to figure out I could make a page dedicated to "about me". Call me slow. What else do you need to know about me?

plants, baking and cooking, reading (like I have time for that!), listening to music, nature walks, travel, languages

snobs, closed-minded people, sad news days (that would be every day), weird meats (France is full of them: kidney, anyone), people who pass me just because I'm two miles under the speed limit

Films: Amélie, The Commitments, Local Hero, Muriel's Wedding, Moulin Rouge, Office Space

Books: Er, most of these I read in high school, 'cause I have no time now, Pride and Prejudice, Jane Eyre, To Kill a Mocking Bird, The Harry Potter Series, Doomsday Book by Connie Willis

Music: Muse, Crowded House, Coldplay, the oldies (think, The Beatles, Jerry Rafferty, Steve Miller Band), Morcheeba, Ricky Martin (don't laugh, he had some great Spanish language songs)

Favorite foods: pasta, sauteed mushrooms, lately anything with fresh basil, berry fruits

If I could go anywhere in the world: Ireland, and also one of those tropical islands with clear blue water

If I could be an animal: a spoiled house cat.