Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Try to remember

There's a coffee commercial here where they use this song with the words, "Try to remember when life was so tender." As spring warms things up and the days are longer, I remember a bit more easily what I enjoy about France. I think of my first spring here and my first visit to Paris in April of that year with my sister and Remi. When every new sensation in this country was wondrous. Nearly nine years later I've still got some "beefs" with this country, namely about professional opportunities for foreigners and sometimes about what I'd call some French "stodgy-ness", but I'll try to focus on those tender moments.

And to help do that, here are some pictures from a Saturday stroll with Juliette that show some of my favorite things around town in this season.

Not many trees have their leaves yet. I'm a sucker for interlacing branches and the sky was just beginning to clear after an overcast morning.

A cool but scary door with those bare vine branches around it. To add to my door photo collection.

Along with this one. Love the oval window above it.

Nice crusty bread in a bakery. I do love the bakeries here.

Daffodils and white grape hyacinths in front a florist's shop.

Lovely facades.

Market day. Maybe a bit early for good tomatoes but I love looking at all the gorgeous colors.

Juliette giving me her pleading to hold the digital camera on the way home.


Crystal said...

beautiful pics! I love the ones of the flowers and Juliette's cute little face with all that blond hair! Glad to hear you are thinking positive thoughts. The sun and warm temperatures can have that effect on us :)

Jenenz said...

Yummmy, fresh baked bread, red tomatoes and red bell peppers. One can make a french bread pizza with those ingredients, plus a little cheese on top.