Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Getting well

An average of four cups of hot tea a day.
What seemed like an eternity to take all my medicine in the morning and before bed.
An insane amount of Vicks Vaporub under my nose.
Generous helpings of chicken soup, Ritz crackers and Jello (my go-to sick foods).
About four and a half days of feeling like a Mack truck had hit me.
One sick day taken.

What does it all add up to? The big fat end of winter cold that wreaked havoc on me all weekend and Monday. I'm not sure what it was but my doctor said it was going down to the bronchial tubes. I was shivering with the fever. The pediatrician (for now Juju's got something akin to it) said my symptoms sounded like the flu. I'm crossing my fingers big time that Juliette's doesn't get as worn out as I was, but she's got the fever aspect.

Being sick is a weird place to be. You slow down because you have no choice. This time I was really zapped of energy and even something like giving Juliette a bath seemed to take an amazing amount of effort. Remi helped me out the best he could but he's got more work lately. Sunday he did all the essential cleaning and cooking and he's continued doing the dishes in the morning. After sleeping so poorly Sunday night I decided not to work Monday and my body thanked me for it. When Juliette napped, I did, too, and I felt like a new person.

Tuesday I went back into the real world, which seemed so bright and noisy compared to the quiet cocoon I'd been living in. I almost blinked to be sure I was in reality sitting there with my students as the lesson began. Was I really going to be able to lead and correct these folks with a coughing fit threatening to explode every minute? Luckily they were talkative and I got away with minimal intervention.

Now my appetite's coming back and I can do normal household tasks without getting too tired or weak. And I must concentrate on getting my little one through her own cold. I'm on my second sick day (but for her sake this time) this week. Remi couldn't stay home nor could his mom watch her this time. So another lesson lost for me but my little girl needed me. That's what moms (and sometimes dads, when they can) are for. Which is why they've got to keep their own strength up!


Crystal said...

aww sorry to hear you are so sick
:( sounds like you are doing everything right though. I know how tough it can be to take sick days when you are paid per lesson...I had to take one on monday and I felt pretty guilty!

Hope you are back to 100% soon and that Juliette gets better too. Hugs to you both!

Jenenz said...

Sorry to hear you are under the weather. Keep drinking warm tea and taking it easy (as much as you can). I know you have mommy duties too. But you must take care of yourself first before you can help others.

Deidre said...

I'm so glad you're feeling better.

Moms and dads are amazing. I remember my parents getting sick (my dad and I had a christmas tradition of getting super sick ... lovely!), but as a grown up I am always amazed at how awesome they were at taking care of me when I was throwing up all over the place and they must've not been feeling well too!

Hope Juliette isn't sick for tooooo long.

Oneika said...

Oh gosh, I KNOW how you feel!! I was laid up in bed for about 6 weeks with a weird stomach infection and had to be hospitalized for 5 days- not the best way to start 2011! I thought that I was going to seriously die, and things have still be a little shaky with my health but I feel infinitely better than I did before! Wishing you a speedy recovery!

Lindle said...

Some of the most despairing moments as a parent are when your child is sick, and it's worse when you are sick too trying to take care of them. (Remember the family flu of 1985?) Everyone just wants to lay down and cry. The world is bleak. Then, you start to get better, and you know you are going to make it. Keep yourself strong--life will load you up sometimes. Love you, Mum