Saturday, March 5, 2011

Where did the day go?

Sometimes I'm ashamed at how a perfectly fine Saturday disappears and I have little to show for it. Today I've been up since 6:20 (thanks Juliette) but still I don't feel that I've been all that productive. Unless showering, doing the dishes and getting laundry done counts. Yes, I'm inclined to think it does, because if it's not something that can get done itself, then somebody's got to do it. And getting the non-perishable groceries out of the car and lunch on the table. But more often than not my Saturdays are a frantic mixture of email checks, blog checks, chocolate square breaks, light housework, some puzzles and reading with Juliette, bit of work prep but not that much, nap (for me!)...I could go on but the insignificance of it all is starting to make me question my existence. But Saturday is for relaxing, you say? I agree, and I'm still recovering a bit from my monster cold. But considering how little I do in the week lately, the weekend doesn't seem that much different.

And sometimes our modern life is made up of all these tasks that seem pointless but need to be done. Like going through all those digital photos from September 2009 and deciding which to print. This can take ages and to the careless observer may simply seem like I'm looking at pictures. But in reality it's like playing Memory and trying to remember which pictures look quite similar or are duplicates. Even though I arrange the photos by date for some reason they never seem to stay that way. Hence the time-consuming task. Similarly there's the cleaning out of the email in-box and deciding which messages must be kept.

But I guess if I'm blogging about this there must be a point, right? Not really. I guess I'm just trying to feel like I actually spend my days doing something. As an English teacher of adults sometimes I wonder if I'm really getting through to my students and there can be days I feel like I've just been shooting the breeze. Then I come home and interact with my child and spend too much time on the Internet. And get up the next day and do it all over again! Maybe I do need to cut back on the constant web checking, as Jennet suggested a while back. But you know what, sometimes I need to hear from people or read about other people to feel connected. Especially since my husband's working more lately and my own family is across the ocean. Justifying, I know.

Ok, so this post isn't a total waste (too late), here are the pictures- before and after- of Miss Juju's hair cut.



What, you can't see it? In fact it was her first maintenance trim for split ends. Her sitter said I ought to give her a little clean-up and I had to admit the ends were getting kind of raggedy. She has a tendency to curl and it gets kind of fine. I was rather scared to do it myself but I think it will help it be a little neater now. First cut in her life. I saved the fine pieces in an envelope. So there, I was productive today!


Lindle said...

You cut her hair? She hardly has any!!!!

Crystal said...

i can't really tell the difference in the before and after shots's cute you saved some of her hair though!

Don't feel bad about lazy Saturdays...I am rarely productive at all on the weekends and right now with this cold weather, I'd much rather be inside in front of my computer!

The Many Colours of Happiness said...

I think it sounds like you have been very productive!! I didn't realise until after I moved out how much WORK just living is sometimes. AND you have a daughter and a job!! So I think you are doing an amazing job, and you should congratulate yourself for that :)

Lindle said...

If you don't make time to do what some might consider "less-than-glamorous" activities on a weekend, when will you do them? They have to be done. They are productive. And if you choose to do very little in the way of housework chores on a weekend, so what? Sometimes we need the weekends to regroup and nourish our spirits. Like those lovely chocolate breaks you mentioned, or playing with a child. All good things!