Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Seen around town

So I've had an idea for a while to post some photos of things I see around town. If I get my act together I'll try to do some themed ones. You can see that I have a thing for doors. There are some lovely ones in my town.

Even this old peeling one has its own beauty.

Here's an old brick house that's starting to settle and become crooked.

And here's a whimsical one: the super duper vending machine that sells everything from cakes and soft drinks to microwavable meals and Nutella. For those Nutella emergencies.

And we'll let Juliette finish us off. She's discovering how to fog up the window.


Crystal said...

There are some pretty interesting doors in Paris I'm sure you would love :)

When I lived in the village in the north, I never thought to just walk around and take photos of the "mundane" things, but now I wish I had. I also wish I had better photography skills and a better camera!

Jenenz said...

My favorite photo is Juliette foggy up the window. My second favorite is the one of the vending machine. I never knew one could purchase Nutella from a vending machine. How brilliant!