Saturday, February 19, 2011

The world according to Juju

I know I just wrote about my little one, but she's so darn funny lately. And alternately frustrating. Now that she's talking more, I'm getting an idea of what goes on in that toddler head of hers. And it's sometimes pure genius, sometimes pure insanity. Like how she only wants to wear the Pull-ups that have penguins on them. But there are also lizard ones in the bag so we often have "fights" getting her to wear those. I've taken to distracting her in any way I can so she'll let me put them on. Yes, she's still in diapers as the potty is not her thing. Sometimes when I ask her to sit on it she'll say, "no, gonna change you", but in fact she means "change me" (just change the diaper).

She gets very attached to things in general. I let her wear her kitty shirt under her sweaters a couple of days in a row (hey, it's not like she sweats that much) because she puts up a big fight when I try to take it off. Of course, bathtime is a good reason to change clothes anyway. She's very willing to get in the tub but getting out is another thing. I have to bodily lift her out most times and she squirms all the way till her feet touch the bathmat.

But on the more precious side there was that evening last week when she saw the moon rising and said in Frenglish, "Mommy, donne la moon." Mommy, give (me) the moon. Or when we're at a red light and she pushes her hands in front of her and says, "moob" (move) so insistently as if it could really work. And lately when she sees trikes in catalogs she nearly moves her leg to the paper and says in a near-whine, "get on!" Does she really think she can get on? I think the line between real and imaginary is quite fuzzy for toddlers. And it's going to be that way for a while, so I think I'll have to find yet more ways to distract her during those whiny moments.

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Lindle said...

This is such an adorable age. They immitate everything, and reality is blurred into the imaginary. They think there really are little people in the TV or on the computer. So it's natural to think she can just step into a catalog and ride a tricycle!
Give that bebe the moon! We would if we could. Love you.