Friday, February 25, 2011

The most tolerant and annoying cat in the world


Annoying (but cute).

This is when, like all cats, he wants out, then immediately wants right back in. Note: this video is not from this season, for the plant buffs who are noticing the geraniums in the window boxes.

What charming and annoying qualities do your pets have?


Jenenz said...

I didn't realize how large your cat is. What cat wants to come in, he wants it badly.

The only pets we have right now are two fish, strip tetras. We used to have 1 catfish (who lived about 10 years, died in 2010) and 5 striped tetras, all named Eliot. Made it easier to call them when you fed them a pinch of fish food. Alas, only 2 Eliots are left now. They look pretty, but as far as pets go, not very pet-a-ble.

Lindle said...

My question is: How in the world did a cat THAT fat get INTO the bed? He's so heavy, he could crush Juliette if he was able to vault himself up into that bed while she was snoozing.
She clearly loves her Catki--he's her big brother.