Sunday, February 13, 2011

Because even (Super)moms need sleep

So I'm not really a supermom and would never claim to be. Any mom who really believes she is must only wait for the next explosive diaper or grocery store toddler tantrum to prove her otherwise. But sometimes I wish someone would give me a Supermom cape when I do things like parallel park on the pediatrician's street at night. I think a group of people should always applaud me for parallel parking for that matter, considering it took me three times to get my French driving license. On this particular occasion I took Juliette out of her car seat and put the diaper bag on my arm only to notice that I'd parked in front of someone's driveway/garage. Oops. Back in the car seat and seat belt for me as we made our way down the street looking for another space. But there were none to be found and I did a sort of probably illegal U-turn in a widened turn lane to head back down the other side of the street. Found a space (regular style this time) and went marching toward the doctor's office again and arrived on time for our evening appointment.

Prescription in hand for Juju's conjunctivitis and cold, I headed to the on-call pharmacy. Even though it was only 7:30 p.m., most pharmacies close at 7 here. So before leaving for the doctor, I'd checked online to find out which pharmacy was open during the evening hours (yeah me for thinking ahead). Only that once I got to where I was persauded the pharmacy was supposed to be, I saw the lights were dimmed and the cleaning lady inside was shaking her head at me to say they were closed. Through the glass door I told her I thought it was the on-call one tonight but she said no. So Juliette and I went back to the car and I decided to keep driving on this road because perhaps there was another pharmacy I didn't know about further down. Sure enough, we found the real on-call pharmacy and got our meds. Juliette started yelling "Elephant!" as we waited at the register because her little child's eyes had spotted a Babar rocking toy. It took a lot of cajoling to get her to leave the pharmacy after that.

But because of her cold and coughing she woke us up a few nights and wasn't so easy to get back down to sleep. The worst night in particular she woke at 3, took a bit of juice and sort of settled down when I laid down beside her. Only to wake again at 5 and not go back to sleep at all! And I started at 8 that day so there was no chance to sleep in. I later caught a nap in the afternoon. In fact our little girl is just not a heavy sleeper (takes after me, I suppose) in general and it's not uncommon for her to wake every now and then. If only I had the superpower to make her sleep all the night through!

And now I seem to have gotten her cold and the scratchy throat, stuffy nose and dry mouth are keeping me up, too. No rest for the weary!

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Crystal said...

I think all moms are supermoms (well, except those on MTV's Teen Mom) and you are certainly no exception. You are doing a great job and Juliette and is a happy and healthy toddler. I'm not sure I'd have your patience or stamina!

Happy Valentines Day to you guys :)