Wednesday, January 7, 2009

This is why white chocolate-covered Oreos were invented

For a first week back to work, I think it's been rocky. Woke up Monday to a light dusting of snow, and, more importantly, sub-freezing temperatures. My eight-year old car doesn't enjoy this and the battery made this all too clear. Luckily my husband was leaving to drop off baby at the sitter's at the same moment and I was able to catch him and ask him to jump my car off. But to no avail. Change of plans thus, and after dropping baby off, he drove me to work and bought a Black and Decker charger/booster for us. Poor guy hung around the office afterwards as I finished my lesson. But the next day, we tried out the booster and the battery still wouldn't turn over. So Super Husband sacrificed anoter day of work (luckily it's his family company and there was nothing urgent going on) and bought me a new battery. But then I could see oil was leaking onto the pavement. A trip to Midas showed us it was a probe that had broken or cracked and wouldn't cost too much to fix. But playing the prudence card, we decided I better not chance driving around today while we wait for Midas to get the part. Which brings me to today.

Luckily my classes were here in town, a rare occurrence, and the two companies were only a ten-minute walk from each other (even rarer!). The only hitch is these continuing bitter cold temperatures made walking home an adventure. Bundled from head to toe I walked along the sidewalks breathing in the nice exhaust fume and admiring the frosty landscape. The snow flurries went from barely visible to respectably flaky and then back to invisible that stung my cheeks. I debated taking the bus but would have had to wait twenty minutes in the cold whereas at least when I was moving I felt the cold less. So thirty minutes later I got home (and treated myself to those Oreos). With no car I'm waiting for my husband to pick up baby when he gets home from work. I feel guilty having her at the sitter when I'm not working, but there was no way around it. Chat's warming my lap and the sky hasn't evolved much from the gray of this morning. Is this whole winter gonna be like this?!


Jenenz said...

Oreos cure everything, hey, one day it could cure the common cold! I just read about Chinese Oreos on the Onion AV Club website. Lighter, rectangular, multi-layer sandwich cookie covered in chocolate. Oreos are a good thing.

Lindle said...

Anytime you need some of those "pick me up" oreos, let me know. The white chocolate covered ones are often available only around the they are a real treat.
Sorry you had such a rough week. Maybe the next one will be better.
We get these spells of trouble. It's how we handle them that builds our character.