Thursday, January 15, 2009

The early bird gets the clean nest

It’s 5:55 a.m. and my alarm will go off in five minutes. I choose to snuggle up to my husband for those five extra minutes and will myself not to open my eyes to glance at the clock. I’m already thinking about the next time I can sleep. What will I get done today on my perpetually unfinished list? I know the Tata Marie’s and ladies like my mother-in-law are up now or will be soon and they’ll accomplish loads. Tata will go to the bakery for her daily baguette at 6:30 and maybe wash her hall floor before receiving her little brood of children. My mother-in-law will get her lunch cooking and simmering before 8. Tata thinks she’s late if her pork is sautéing at 11. They would shudder to see my “organization” of heating up leftover pasta at 1 p.m.

I guess I must face facts- I will never be one of these dynamo super organized women with a sparkling clean home. To be honest their homes aren’t always 100% perfect, but they’re still in better shape than my place on most days. I’m still feeling a bit of inadequacy since that fun run-in with my demonically clean ex-landlady. It’s like staring at the exquisite models in the fashion magazines and realizing you’ll never be completely cellulite-free with flawless make-up and trendy clothes all on the same day. I can’t always use baby as an excuse for not being up-to-date on chores and unpacking. Maybe I’m just not one of those neat-freaks. I read recently that messy people are often better off psychologically and can sometimes be more creative. Like imagine they’re writing a report and shuffling through their pile of unfiled papers and they happen upon something that sparks an idea for their project. That’s what the article said, at least. Was probably written by another messy person.

Then again, I know blogging, emailing and Facebooking (you’re right about its addictiveness, Crystal!) aren’t making matters any better. Should I really start getting up earlier to clean my apartment or should I drastically cut my Internet time? What do you think, gentle readers?


Jenenz said...

This is a tough question. You get so much from the Internet, yet, you've gotta have time to spend on your real life things (not necessarily house cleaning though). For me, since I sit in front of a computer all day at work, I try to keep my home computer use to three days a week - a few hours during those three days. Otherwise, I get terrible shoulder pain. And, I get to see my housemates, play board games, maybe even watch a little tv together. But I have to say, I love reading your blog!

Emmy said...

I am feeling the same at the mo. It was actually one of my new years resolutions not to spend as much time on the internet, but with little success. This said, I am making a huge effort to get up earlier evn I am not forcd to by work. My foors are terribly dirty with the recent weather, i've got loads of washing to do, and I'm going to see my best friend in brussels this afternoon for the weekend. The chores can wait, sometimes you have to prioritise...I choose friends, fun and relaxation. The simmering 3 course meal can be left for another day.

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