Wednesday, December 31, 2008


I'm getting the hang of this vacation thing. Sleeping late (when baby allows me to), little home projects (though I never get as much done as I plan), starting breakfast off with chocolate or a cookie ('cause they're around!). Yes, it will be tough to go back to work, but I need to earn a living anyway.

Last night I tried something quite dangerous- inviting people over to eat while a five-month old tried to go to sleep. I had done this before a while back and it worked fine, but at that time baby went to sleep like clockwork at 8. Now she has a rolling bedtime but it's usually before nine. Perhaps it was because one of my guests brought her own two little ones and our girl was a bit riled up/disturbed by these new faces in her territory. Luckily my husband played host while I fed or soothed baby. My meal, a chicken casserole recipe using Campbell's soup (yes, I found some at Monoprix) and the equivalent of Ritz crackers and sour cream that one can find in France, turned out ok. But with all my tending to baby, the meal got kind of cold for the guests, even though I told them to start without me. But being the kind guests that they are, they didn't complain. So lesson learned, I won't be doing big entertaining for a while.

Meanwhile my husband and I have found another way to waste time on the Internet: looking up music videos and old TV shows on YouTube. Yes, we're the last people to make use of it, as usual. He's been catching up on ALF, one of his old favorites, and I find it funnier than I remember. Does anybody know who did Alf's voice? So familiar. Anyway, I like to use YouTube to play music, like this clip that was stuck in my head a few weeks ago. Is it played in the US?

And I've been browsing this lovely book on nature journaling, with great drawings that are really simple and cleansing. Makes me want to go out and start sketching right away. But when to find the time? Perhaps I'll make it one of my resolutions for 2009?! Happy New Year to all!

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