Monday, January 26, 2009

A Pussycat Doll in the making?

The other week I sang the chorus of that new Pussycat Dolls song, I Hate This Part, to baby during one of her whimpery moments. Guess I’m better versed in the lyrics to modern pop than Mother Goose. And voilà, as the French love to say, a smile appeared on her little face. So for a few days I kept trying that chorus to calm her down, with varied success. Later I played the video on Youtube for her, and I swear she started coohing. And then I started to think, maybe a six-month old shouldn’t be so enamored of scantily clad singers.

I know it’s still too early to get too concerned. But from the moment we knew we would be having a girl, we (but especially my husband) started worrying about how to handle adolescence. It’s true that there are just more things to worry about with girls. How can you teach them to be modest and discreet without dropping them off at the nunnery at age 12? My husband thinks encouraging her to be good in school should help her avoid some of the pitfalls of the teenage years. But I warn him that at the same time, kids who have too much pressure on them are sometimes the first to rebel.

Another aspect of raising a girl that concerns me is showing her that she can (well, needs to) be independent and not let other people tell her what a girl can or can’t do. Then I start to wonder if I’m really a good role model for this. Lately my own plucky streak has gone into hiding. What good will that be in teaching her how to be a strong woman? Maybe I could learn a thing or two from those Pussycat Dolls myself…

In the meantime, I guess I’ll brush up on the lyrics to those good old nursery rhymes. What kind of feminist message is there in Mary Had a Little Lamb?


Jessamyn said...

Or what about Jack and Jill?
Jack fell down and broke his crown and Jill came tumbling after...

What - does Jill have to do everything Jack does? She Doesn't have to follow the man.

But those rhymes are still sing-songy and that's the point.

I personally think you should sing whatever diddy you'd like. Pussycat dolls, Jamiroquai, Crowded House.

When mom and I were there in August, I sang Depeche Mode's song Home to Juliette one time I was trying to get her to sleep. Whatever makes you happy and whatever gets her to be quiet (or coo). Love ya!

Jenenz said...

You know what is right and wrong, how to treat your fellow humans, to care and love. Give your baby the foundation and she will be fine. When she is old enough to communicate by talking, take the time really listen to (hear) what she is saying, not just the words, but what's underneath the words. Keep your connection strong and enjoy growing with her. (This is just my personal experience with Elizabeth, as she now has become a teenager). We expose her to our sense of humor and music. She doesn't always like it, but she likes the fact that we make the effort to share it with her. Oh, an do take time to have game nights (board games). And have sit down dinners everynight, so that you can talk and eat together (with the TV off). You are a great mom! Don't ever forget that.