Sunday, January 18, 2009

The 2009 baby diet

In this two-part interview from late December, baby talks about her love of carrots, and how this led her to create the fabulous new purée diet that all the babies are going gaga over.

Then she demonstrates, with the help of papa, how to eat green bean purée and ask for more.


Crystal said...

hehe very cute! puréed food now eh? She's getting so big!

Lindle said...

Okay, you have officially given me a piglet as a grandbebe!!!! Where does she get that squealing from....hmmmmm? Sounds like me when I'm tired from fussing at students all day.
She appears to have a very healthy appetite, and Remi is doing a great Papa-job of feeding her. Go, Remi!

Soon she will be ready for those little sitters/walkers with the tray all around. You can feed her in those if you can catch her as she zooms by!
Juliette, I'm soooo proud of you. Je t'aime!

Jenenz said...

Wow, the close-up of the green appealing! She really loves that puree. She sings the "give me more of that delicious green mush" song each time the spoon gets close to her. I can't wait to hear the song she sings when she gets to more solid foods!

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