Saturday, April 9, 2011

April brings...

...not so many showers, actually. It's been unseasonably warm and deliciously sunny. Most people aren't complaining considering how sun-starved we usually are here. But my husband's worried the pansies will spring up too much and get gangly which is not good for sales. Plus he does have to water an awful lot in the greenhouses. Juju and I are enjoying lovely strolls though.

...U.S. taxes. I'm really not sure if I should even bother doing them considering my income is always below the limit that would require me to pay taxes. But I do it anyway, generally the week before (uh, that would be right about now). Maybe I like to feel connected to my fellow Americans so I go through the inane process of filing that 1040 all the same. Any other US expats know if we really are supposed to do it?

...a visit from my dad! It's becoming an annual tradition to see him in April, and we're certainly looking forward to it. I'll still be working most of his visit but things might slow down a bit as the school holidays are approaching. We hope to get away for a little sightseeing, maybe even a ferry ride over to England as our plans got spoiled last time by that pesky volcanic dust cloud! Juliette will get to connect to another US relative and converse in English with someone besides me!

...a probable visit to the vet for Cat-ki. He's due for a vaccine and lately he's been peeing in the hall or by the tub or in the tub a time or two during the week. I'm tired of cleaning it up. Plus he's packed on the pounds (again) since we've started leaving his food bowl filled instead of giving him four meals a day. His constant whining was driving us crazy. I'm sure we'll get a talking to from the vet but she doesn't have to live with him!

...Glee, finaLee! Officially it started running in late March, but I didn't realize it till last weekend. I've watched some episodes now in English (!) and I'm hooked. My mom and sister have only been telling me about it for a year and a half. I knew it must be good if they like it but before I would have had to go on streaming sites that make my computer just get a migraine.

...and April has already brought a girls' nights out. Sitting in a terrace café with a kir (chilled white wine with a touch of raspberry liqueur for me) with the girls under a gorgeous blue evening sky! And giggling like school girls over Italian food. I may be married but I will always need my girlfriends for a bit of that giddy fun that only girls can understand!


Anonymous said...

I do my taxes religiously - even though I'm really too poor to pay anything. It's a good thing if you ever want to live in the USA again as they require your last 3 tax statements (no matter how pathetic they are!) as part of the green card process for your husband - at least they did 2 years ago. Enjoy the sun!

Crystal said...

I'm loving the warm weather too. Yay for kirs on a terrace! I haven't done that yet but it's coming :)

Anonymous said...

Just an FYI, we get an automatic extension because we live overseas, so I only do mine in June, because I love being all last minute like that... I always do mine though, even though I don't 'need' to, but s the previous person pointed out, it is good to do if we ever were to move back!! And I just don't want any issues with the IRS!! Yikes!

The Many Colours of Happiness said...

The girl's night out sounds fantastic!!! How fun :)
I wish it was warm here, today is awful!