Friday, April 16, 2010

Visiting, world events, and being under the weather

It's been a whole two weeks since I posted! But I have a good reason. I've been playing hostess to my dad and visiting a few sites around my region with him and baby. Also working a bit but luckily the workload's a bit light as it's the school holidays in my area.

So dad arrived about a week and a half ago on a lovely blue sky day, weary from his travels but happy to be here. We explored the underground tunnels in my city and the belltower. Around Thursday he started feeling rather run down by a potential sinus infection (that must be where I get it from!) so I got him an appointment with my doctor for that evening. I played translator relating his symptoms to the doctor, who seemed pleased to try out a bit of his own English. Dad was impressed with how quickly we got an appointment and that even without insurance he only had to pay 22 euros. A round of antibiotics and he's doing a little better.

Then Saturday we went to nearby Amiens. We checked out the cathedral, apparently bigger than Notre Dame in Paris. The morning sun made some of the most beautiful reflections.

Stained-glass shop right near the cathedral.

The morning sun on stone arches.

Reflections on the stone columns.

Then we wandered into the quaint Quartier St. Leu area as the temps warmed up. Met up again with Emma who ate a crepe lunch with us. And then we took a boat ride on the Hortillonages. Juliette was surprisingly well-behaved. I used the baby sling to keep her trapped in my arms instead of climbing out of the flat boat.

Juliette takes a cookie break on the boat.

A picture of dad taking a picture.

We had wanted to take the ferry to Dover tomorrow but the volcanic ash is indirectly affecting our plans. Since so many folks are stranded in airports wanting to get back to England or France, the trains or boats are the only options. The website of one company is highly discouraging foot passengers to go as they can't guarantee places. The other company seems to have suspiciously upped its prices on most of the trips that were much cheaper yesterday. Plus today I seem to have caught that nice tummy bug that Remi was suffering from earlier. On my official day off, at that. Irony is really funny that way.

But we can't do anything about it, so we'll make do for the rest of dad's visit. Luckily he's content to watch Juju dance to pop videos!


renbaden said...

Hey Girl,

Your photos are really nice! You should submit them to National Geographic's daily "Your Shot" contest. They get voted on by others and they take all kinds of pictures (and yours are better than a lot of the others, believe me). Much love, Jane

Jessamyn said...

Glad to see you guys had a lovely time. Hope you're all feeling better now and that Dad doesn't have too much trouble leaving with all the travel chaos.

Jenenz said...

Your photos are lovely. Especially the one with the light reflecting off the arches.

Safe travels to your dad for getting back to the States.