Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Spring in the air, spring in my step?

In the interest of not totally bringing down my readers (nobody’s on suicide watch that I know of), I’m gonna try to be a little bit more up about things. I can’t make any promises, but I’ll try to follow my friend Crystal’s advice and think positively. Besides, it’s finally March, which means spring’s around the corner. Although by today’s brisk temperatures, you wouldn’t believe it. Baby’s getting cuter and more interactive by the day, or more “interesting” as my father-in-law says in what I’m sure is meant a kind way. I’m going to see my family real soon, dad at the end of the month, many others in July. And I’ve got to hope that things will get better professionally or I’ll just have to dig a hole and put my head in the ground for a while.

This week with the gaping holes in my schedule I’m trying to make headway on baby’s passport application. I’ve filled out three separate forms just this morning, one of which was for her social security number application. Somehow it makes me a bit nostalgic filling out forms that ask for state and zip code and seeing Alabama in the drop-down list. I’m proud to give baby this piece of my heritage. Last week I got her passport photos taken, and it’s a good thing she’s started sitting up a bit to be upright for the photo. I still had to duck down under the chair to support her while the photographer attracted her attention to the camera. She’s got her eyes open and staring straight ahead and a little drop of drool on her chin. Ah, we’ll look at that photo in a few years and remember how little she was.

And I’ve found a way to silence the cat. I just gave him free access to his food bowl all day. Now he doesn’t meow me to death every time I go in the kitchen. The only problem will be when baby starts crawling and could try to sample his dry food. I thought about putting his bowl in the kitchen and then having a baby barrier into the kitchen, but that would get rather annoying to “hurdle” over every time I have to go back in. So, any suggestions would be welcome.

Wow, all that positive thinking has tired me out. I’ll get back to you on any other positive developments in my life.

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