Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The new sounds

Here baby is coaxed by papa into saying "bbbb", a sort of spitting sound she had been making gleefully right before the video. So it's mostly papa making this sound and in the middle a bit of her laugh, which is rather hard to get out! You will notice hubby's hair is radically different from the other video. Now he's more like Wentworth Miller in Prison Break season 3. Just to be clear, that's a compliment.


Crystal said...

hey milam,

glad to hear you are trying to think more positively. I've discovered that even if you don't believe those happy thoughts, they can make you feel better in general! You (and me) have to trick yourself into thinking everything is rainbows and kittens (even if it's far from the truth).

BB looks adorable as always. I wonder what her first word will be? Mommy? Papa? I hope she will call you mommy and not 'maman' because I personally have always disliked the sound of "maman"...too french lol.

Glad to hear you are going to see the family soon. I think it will do you a world of good.

I'm with you as far as sunny skies lifting your spirits. A bit of warm weather and sun instantly make me feel happier. Unfortunately around here (and the north as well) the sun is quite rare but it can only get better from here...spring is on the way and we can put those long gloomy winter months behind us!!


Lindle said...

B-B-B-Bebe est le plus b-b-b-eau b-b-b-bebe dans le monde entiere!!!

Sharon said...

Adorable! Hey, Milam! I'm supposed to be creating a blog for the School of the Arts at Samford right now - sort of an on-campus job in connection with my web design class. Love the embedded video - how do you do that?