Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Auntie Caro gets baby to smile

Here you see my friend Caroline, aka Lamb Chop, playing with baby and getting her to smile more than mom and dad can! And see how baby's pulling herself up so well. Strong back. As I write this she's giving me a shower with her "raspberry" practice. My hand is all wet... video


Crystal said...

aww what a cute video! It must be so interesting for you to see how Juliette progresses...I wonder when she'll start crawling?

Lindle said...

Go, Aunti Caro, go!!!! What a brilliant bebe,and yes--she's looking stronger and pulling herself up so well. She also sounds like she's really trying to engage the grownies in conversation. Precious. Elle est adorable.

Jenenz said...

I like the way Juliette gets so excited she puts out her arms and legs, wiggles her little feet in the air, then lets out the "Aooowwwoooo!" howl. She is such a happy baby. Good job mom!

Anonymous said...

Dear Milam,
I LOVE the videos. I watch them over and over. She's so beautiful. Wish I could see her but I know Danny will enjoy his visit. He is really excited about his visit. Please tell him to take lots of video so he can show me when he gets here after his trip to see you, Remi and , in his own words,"That beautiful little girl in France."
I love you all and miss you,