Wednesday, March 11, 2009

News (bad and good) from across the pond

Actually I’m talking about news from the US side. This morning my husband told me there was a story about Alabama in the headlines. As I held baby and heard the word “shooting”, my heart started beating faster. It wasn’t in my hometown, but these types of things are becoming all too common. Another deranged person has gone and taken the lives of innocents. Even if it’s not the first time it doesn’t make it any less shocking or tragic. I don’t know if gun control will ever work in the US, but I do know that there seem to be fewer of these incidents in France, where it’s much harder to get hold of weapons. That said, it can happen anywhere. My heart goes out to the poor families touched by this tragedy.

On a much lighter note, we’ve been catching up with the US news and culture on CNN. Now that we’ve got Internet, phone and TV service wrapped into one, we get a few English channels. Last Sunday we caught Larry King interviewing Dolly Parton (who, bless her heart, is starting to resemble an alien with all that plastic surgery). I learned that the press is beating up poor Jessica Simpson because she’s put on weight and that Dolly thinks that’s just awful.

Then there was a broadcast of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. So strange to see the show we’re used to watching back home. It made us feel like we’re there on the couch in Alabama again. Anyway, there were a lot of jokes about the financial crisis and how CNBC really blew it telling people things weren’t as bad as they seemed. And an interview with NBC anchor Brian Williams that was pretty funny.

Things like this remind me that I really am American. Yes, strange as it may seem, there are times I nearly forget. It’s not that I really blend in here. When I tell people I’m American, they smile a bit and say, well, we can hear by your accent. But trying to survive this French system sometimes gives me the impression I’m one of “them”. And then an expression or joke on CNN will bring me back and I remember who I am. The thing is, I have been away so long (nearly 7 years now), that there are quite a few references I wouldn’t get anymore.

Never mind. They can never take my passport away, even if I don’t know the original title of the latest Jennifer Anniston film.


Emmy said...

that bugs me too not knowing original titles of movies. recently, a friend back home wax talking to me about a film and it took me a few minutes to realise that I'd already seen it but dubbed into French. grrr.

On the flip side, I though I'd never be albe to recognise French movie stars/singers etc etc and get French cultural references but now I know I can. That's pretty cool.

Jessamyn said...

Aw yes, so much tragedy here in America lately. The Alabama shooting was senseless.

But it's good that you see the old entertainment side as well. Just shows you that nothing really changes. I'm glad you're able to catch up on a few American things. Don't let go of that. I wish you could watch shows and clips on You would love it!

I was amazed when I was in France this past Summer, how the American shows had different theme song music. Like "House" and "Medium". Very similar, but not the American theme song. Why do they have to change that? You should hear the real voices of some of these actors too. :)