Saturday, March 6, 2010

Sniffles and stuff

Sometimes I like having a little head cold. It centers me. I walk more slowly and deliberately, I take time for a cup of tea after work. I say, we’ll eat quick stuff instead of something elaborate. I sit on the couch longer and give Juliette more attention because I don’t want to get up and do something else. Wouldn’t it be great if I could be like this all the time, but minus the sinus pressure and sore throat?

However, the night’s a different story, especially as Remi’s sick, too. We whisper sweet nothings, genre, “do you want some Vicks (Vaporub)?” (By the way, I’m getting “I “heart” Vicks” t-shirts printed up if anyone’s interested.) Or, “don’t you think you need some cough syrup?” “Where’s my bleepin’ Kleenex?” “Maybe you should blow your nose.” And I don’t sleep well because I can’t breathe so much through my nose. And I couldn’t even nap well (which I really deserved in my puny state) for the same reason.

Hopefully the cold and flu season of 2009-10 should be winding down soon. We’ve had more than our fair share, especially little Juliette. But just as you think things should be going better, with longer days and a bit more sun, your body (and mind) can start playing tricks on you again. My doctor said that this transition between winter and spring actually can make us feel out of sorts and anxious. Our bodies are responding to the signals from nature and our circadian or daily rhythms must readjust. We’re more linked to nature than we realize, even if we don’t hibernate like bears. So don’t think it’s all in your head, and take care of yourselves over these next few weeks.

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Lindle said...

I know what you mean about illness "centering" you. It slows you so you re-prioritize your life, musing on what really matters--getting better--finding the equilibrium again to be strong. You make all these promises of what you're going to do when you get better. Don't forget them!
Here's hoping you are all back on the road to recovery real soon.
Sorry about the chicken pox, JuJu. You can't seem to get a break this winter.
Love you all,