Saturday, March 20, 2010

Mish mash post and mashed potatoes à la française

Highlights of Friday:
Juliette saying "ducky" as we passed the park where we often look at those very animals.

My recipe for hachis parmentier turning out decent. Remi asked for seconds. Imprecise recipe to follow.

Not so shining moments:
When I took the cookie away from JuJu during her doctor's visit (for head cold with fever #57 of the season), causing her to tug backwards and hit her head on the wall and mirror behind. No injuries sustained. Phew.

And when the doc said maybe her adenoids are enlarged, or her iron low, or, maybe, as I volunteered, I haven't been doing the nasal saline solution clean out thing as often as usual. Which could all be reasons she's been perpetually sick this season. She's got an x-ray scheduled for Wednesday to check out the adenoids theory.

Other than that it's been a quiet week. Only eleven hours of lessons and big holes in my schedule that made me feel as if I didn't work at all. And am not a productive member of society. I tried to get ahead on things, and it's a good thing as this week I've got 21 hours. If only it were a bit more consistent.

So here's my approximate recipe for the French comfort food hachis parmentier.

Peel and boil a goodish number of potatoes till cooked through.

Mash them up. No seasoning necessary but you can add a bit of butter and salt if you like.

At the same time, dice up and sautee some onions in oil. Nothing makes you feel like you're cooking like sauteeing onions.

Add some ground beef to the skillet (frying pan for those who don't speak Southern). I like to use some beef that's already got seasoning, or you could add some Mexican spice mix.

Beef doesn't need to be super brown, just mostly brown.

Mix beef and mashed potatoes in bowl. You may want to add more seasoning if your beef wasn't already seasoned. A can of spaghetti sauce hanging around your fridge, for example.

Put it all in an oven-proof pan. Sprinkle your favorite grated cheese on top. Here I use Emmental. In the US sharp cheddar might be nice.

Cook it all for about 15 to 20 minutes at 350°F (175°C) to melt the cheese.

Serve and enjoy. Goes well with a green salad or mixed veggies.


Lindle said...

Haches pamientiere, mmmmm. You are becoming quite the chef!
Experimentation is the key. And parenting often feels the same way. We never know if we are doing totally the right thing. It's always "Let's try this!" You are a very dutiful mommy. You have a beautiful bebe who has a will of her own (Which explains the cookie & head bump), and who has unfortunately had a tough season of sickness.
Here's wishing health to all of you, with a dose of laughter and yummy food. Spring is here!

Lindle said...

excuse my spelling of your recipe for mashed potatoes a la francaise.

Anonymous said...
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