Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Work that shoulder

Here Juliette is doing her own music video to Cascada's Evacuate the Dancefloor. Note her use of props, such as her rocking horse and the sound effects by bumping on the door. Very sophisticated for seventeen months! Coming soon: the Blackeyed Peas Fan Club for under twos...


Lindle said...

Inventive, creative, daring, "out there" with a little anti-PETA going on....Love it. I'd give it
all 5 ***** !!! You got it going on, Juliette!
Love, MameeLin

Crystal said...

oh my god so cute! Love the shoulder shakin'...she sure loves to get her groove on :)

Jenenz said...

OMG! She really can dance. The shoulder thing is amazing. I enjoyed the lights (christmas tree lights?) blinking in the window behind the door. Gave it a disco effect. And at the end Juliette does a short aria as she dances. Fergie and Beyonce, move over, there's a new star in town!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Jenenz, Beyonce would LOVE to have her in her line of girls! I'd like to see her interpretation of Beyonce's "If you like it and you want it, put a ring on it!
Absolutely precious!!!!!