Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Rules of the road for toddlers

Don't drink and drive, even if it is just water. It can seriously impair your ability to concentrate. Yes, I know I need to break her of the habit of walking with something in her mouth, too. Bad mommy. Then after my way cool special effect transition (ha, Jessy is laughing now) you can see rule number two: when you encounter obstacles just move around them. Happy driving.



Crystal said...

is that a little demin skirt she's wearing?? sooo precious!

Lindle said...

That must have been some flavorful water for her not to give it up as she explored the kitchen. It certainly mattered more to her than where she was going. (I can tell you are going to have to put those baby latches on those cabinets for sure now.)
Her reflexes with that special walker are quite sharp. It only takes her a nanosecond to redirect!!! Brilliant bebe.

Jessamyn said...

Ooh, she's moving so fast with the walker! Such an improvement.

Jenenz said...

Born to be wild, that's what I say!