Monday, November 2, 2009

Guest blogger Jessamyn here

So I arrived last week and once I had hugged bebe a bunch and tried to teach her what a monkey says, Milam and I headed off to see the Muse concert. In our typical worrying ways, we fretted over the best route to take, how much to eat before we left, how many layers of clothes to wear, would JuJu be okay with the sitter (Editor's Note: special thanks to Karine!), but of course all was well.

We found the concert location easily enough and parked along with the thousands of other fans and made our way to our seats. This is where we really got worried. Even though we had paid a pretty penny online for our tickets, it looked like our seats were going to be behind the stage and we wouldn’t be able to see the band. But alas, we were being silly – once Muse started, the sheets covering the three large pillars fell away revealing the band in cages suspended in air. And the pillars became video screens, then moved up and down letting the band members move about on the stage. So all was well. And being the type of concert-goers that we are, the seats were perfect as we could move around and dance and had air circulation so we didn’t pass out from the heat. I don’t know how those mosh-pitters stayed standing for all those hours packed in there.

We met a lovely Irish couple who were sitting next to us – so the four of us danced away to “Uprising,” “Hysteria,” Stockholm Syndrome,” MK Ultra,” and many more. They are great performers and even came out at one point in Halloween costumes (as the concert was on Oct. 31). The lead singer used some occasional French, which the crowd loved and we dutifully sang along when the chorus demanded it. They ended the show with a lovely long version of “Knights of Cydonia.” And that was that. We made our way home and had to come down from the hyperness before we could sleep. It was a great adventure and I’m so glad we did it!

Here's a video of "Time is Running Out" (filmed by Jessamyn)

In other news, Juliette is getting really close to walking. It won’t be long now. And I’m seeing her vocabulary increase. Such a smarty! And of course I’m enjoying French pastries and people who aren’t ashamed of wearing a scarf. Bye now.


Jenenz said...

Thanks for the guest blogging! Glad both of you made it to the Muse show. And we get a bonus video too. Can't wait to see baby juju walk. Sounds like you came to visit Milam at a good time.

Anonymous said...

oh god, what's wrong with wearing a scarf? it gets cold you know here in the north of france. :os Please enlighten me Jessamyn.

ps, muse looked great!

Anonymous said...

Dear Milam and Jess,
So glad you two are having fun. The concert sounds awesome and I actually did recognize the song in the video.
Hope you enjoy every single second of your visit and be sure and eat some pastries for me, maybe something with lots and lots of dark chocolate and something creamy inside!
I love you both and have a safe trip home Jess.
Kiss Everybody for me.


Mil said...

Emmy, I love scarves and love that European people wear them with pride. Most people in my part of America don't wear them and give you a funny look when you do - but maybe that's because I wear them when it's 50 degrees (10 celsius). Jessamyn

Anonymous said...

It's clear I'm clueless when it comes to my American cousins!! :os 10oC is very acceptable for a scarf! That's why there are cotton scarfs as well as wooly ones.

Lindle said...

To join into the head apparel discussion--scarves for necks--everyone wears them in The South (if it's cold), and Southerners consider it cold if it hits 60 degrees Farenheit. Head scarves--not so much. Mostly these are seen on the elderly women whose generation was much more sensible.
Jess--your Muse video captured a great moment. I hope you return with many, many good memories.
Love to all- Mum