Saturday, October 10, 2009

You only live once, and other cheesy expressions

I'm generally the type of person who hears these expressions then blissfully ignores them. Or I understand them briefly when I see a report about someone who narrowly escaped death, then just forget them and keep on living my mudane worry-filled existence. But my sister is helping me to really live this type of expression. At least for one night or week, however you want to look at it.

She and I are going to see Muse (British sometimes moody rockers) in concert in a city near me. Never mind that the concert is officially sold out and we've bought very over-priced semi-official tickets from a seemingly respectable web site. As she said, we're still paying less than she would have in Atlanta where they're opening for U2. And most importantly, we're going to get to see each other for a week. I've put in for time off. Hopefully I won't have to work non-stop every day.

And I'm thinking that by late October I'm really going to need a break. This week's been tougher than usual, resembling a real work week with longer days. I've spent less time with JuJu who's been showing her headstrong tendencies quite a bit. Maybe she's mad at me for seeing her less? The days are getting shorter, light-wise, and Remi will be working harder as All Saints' Day approaches.

So here's to remembering that life's not a dress reheasal. And it's short too so you better eat dessert first...


Crystal said...

great news that your sister is coming to visit you! I'm sure you guys will have a great time and it will really lift your spirits. Your sister is super sweet (from what I remember at the maternity ward that day!)

It's also nice to hear work is picking up a bit for you guys. Has Dan got some new contracts? Hope to see you all soon...oh, and I was I meaning to ask you..and I know it's early, but are you going back to the states for xmas this year? I'm not going home and it looks like Max will be working so I'm hoping to visit up north so as not to spend Xmas alone!

Anonymous said...

YEAH you!!!! I'm so happy you are doing something like this AND getting to see Jess, how fun!!!!I know you will enjoy her visit and the concert. But I have to admit that I have no idea who Muse is or what type music they play. If you like them though, I'm sure I would. I may be old but I still love music and all kinds even heavy metal.(I don't care for rap though.)
Sorry JuJu is being head strong but it does run in our family, unfortunately.

Love you,

Anonymous said...


Jenenz said...

It sounds fabulous to live out those life sayings. You get to spend time with your sister, see Muse, and have an adventure. Yes, life is short. Go for the gusto!!!

BTW, I love the song, "Starlight".

Another cheesy expression: Star light, star bright, first star I see tonight...