Saturday, November 14, 2009


I didn’t change time zones at all last week. I didn’t take an international flight. But as I had predicted, my sister’s visit gave me a taste of having family around and that always makes me feel out of sorts the days after.

We dropped her off at the airport Saturday afternoon a week ago. Modern tunnels and highways led us to the terminal. We waited with her in the incredibly high-ceilinged check-in area. It was strange to be there and not actually be departing myself. Memories of our trip in July and Juliette’s first transatlantic flight came back. But for all the “glamor” of international travel, the airport is still soulless. Especially when it’s the place where you say goodbye to family and aren’t quite sure when you’ll see them again. And so I was left Saturday afternoon with the reality that I was here in France while my US family was still a nine to ten-hour flight away.

But slowly but surely I’ve gotten back to my work and home routine. And as I always do after a visit, I mentally march through what I was doing the week before. And I have to say her short visit was great. Despite my residual cold crud and a throat ulcer getting in the way a few days, it was perfectly lovely to have some sister time. The concert was electric, as she reported in the last post, and worth every over-priced centime. It was certainly worth it to have her there to chat with and interact with Juliette. My darn responsibility gene got in the way as I had maintained a few of my classes, so I worked a few half days during her visit. But we took a quick trip at the end in the cities of Pierrefonds and Chantilly seeing the castles there. And then she took that plane back to her life and routine.

So, as mom said, now I must keep those goals and fun future events in mind to latch on to. Christmas, and maybe a visit from ex-colleague, still-friend Crystal (but don’t worry if your plans change, girl!), more relatives in the spring and summer? If only plane fare weren’t so high!


Lindle said...

The only good thing about "time flies," is that time really does fly, and the next thing you know---you are in the arms of your family and friends again. Thank goodness for today's amazing technology so that we can talk, text, and even Skype to see each other. I'm still betting on the 3-D Holograph-transporter (that's what I want for Christmas).
I feel sadness for the families of yesteryear who may not have even gotten a tattered letter from the Pony Express. I feel sad for the women of long ago who were married off and traveled far away and never saw their families again. We are in luckier times, and we know we will be together again. Soon. Very soon.
Love you always,

Crystal said...

I know how you feel about going to the airport when it's only to drop someone off...always makes my heart ache.

I'll definitely be there for Xmas eve! Even if Max isnt working, we'll be in the north and I'd love to spend the evening with you guys. Max's family doesnt do anything on xmas eve and hardly anything on xmas day, so it will be my only occasion for a little xmas cheer! Cant wait :)