Saturday, November 21, 2009

My week

This was a week of ups and downs. Fall is still treating us with its last brilliant delights. I can get mesmerized by a golden puddle of leaves around a nearly bare tree. Or the piercingly orange-red leaves that are still clinging to a few branches. But soon we’ll only have the skeletons of those trees (poetic in their own way) to comfort us for the next few months.

Work has been a bit disappointing with cancelled classes that I’m not always paid for. It can be a rewarding job but the instability of it is always frustrating. And after seven years in this country I still find myself doubting my career decisions and remembering what I used to be capable of doing. Maybe the trick is just being satisfied with where I am. But I’ve been trying that approach for a while and it doesn’t seem to work.

So I try to focus on what’s right in my life, like my little girl. Who’s fast becoming a little temper tantrum monster. Refusing to wear her bib during meal times or rolling on the floor when she doesn’t get her way. A few months ago she didn’t do that. We’re wondering where the more docile one-year-old went. The current sixteen-month-old is very vocal.

Just last week she decided she needed her stuffed bunny all the time. In France the kids call their favorite stuffed animal a “dou-dou”. I’d never called her bunny this but one evening she kept asking for her dou-dou and then snuggling it next to her face while she drank her bottle. No doubt she’s imitating the kids at Tata’s who are addicted to their dou-dous. Peer pressure at sixteen months. She’s been taking steps with a bit more confidence this week but will sometimes fall when we try to congratulate her. I guess her week’s been full of ups and downs, too!

Next week’s Thanksgiving in the US, a holiday I always miss. I’m thinking of doing my modified menu this Thursday. Some turkey breasts and green bean casserole using imported French-fried onions (as my sister pointed out, it’s ironic that she brought French-fried onions with her from the US when she visited me) and maybe a pumpkin pie made from that pumpkin I cooked up and froze a while back. It’s never quite the same celebrating it over here. It always seems to be a holiday that reminds me I am American (correction, North American, since Crystal will be glad to tell us about the Canadian version in October).

Let’s hope next week has more ups than downs. But I guess that depends on my attitude, too.


Crystal said...

I love looking at the (rare) Fall leaves around here too. They seem cheer me up among this landscape of grey, concrete building.

Indeed, Canadian Thanksgiving has come and gone, and I was quite homesick myself. Luckily, I get to celebrate American Thanksgiving next weekend at a friend's house here in Paris. She's throwing a big Thanksgiving party, roast turkey and all. I'll bring along some cranberry sauce that I found and a bottle of champagne for a French kick. Wish you could be there too.

Looks like Max is working Xmas Eve/Xmas day. So count me in for Xmas Eve celebrations...if it's still ok. Let me know by email if there's anything I can/need to bring :)

Anonymous said...

I totally miss the beautiful leaves. Maybe one day I will live in the real south again and see that gorgeous sight. I am sick of palm trees.
Enjoy them for me,