Thursday, December 4, 2008

Baby talks

In this exclusive interview, Baby Girl, or JT, to her fans, gives an account of one of her fun-filled days.


Lindle said...

This is Grandma/great. So cute she is and she is doing such wonderful sounds.

Love the picture, and we await another rendition soon. Bye

Lindle said...

This is Mameelin. She is just so adorable and is really trying to make her mouth express her feelings. She looks fantastic, and she sounds adorable. We want her right now. Bring her immediately. We will take very good care of her, and you won't have to worry about a thing. We will dress her with the most beautiful baby clothes and give her everything she could ever want. You can't ask for more. Except another grandbebe (but not right now). :) Love to all, Mameelin.

Sunny said...

BellaHow absolutely beautiful Juliette is. She is going to be smart like you. I wonder if her first word will be "medicine!" She really wants to talk badly.

Love you all,

Jenenz said...

I love hearing her talk! I think she was telling us a story. Her facial expressions are adorable! I have to watch the video again!

Crystal said...

this just made my day :) she's too cute