Monday, December 15, 2008

Angst and accountants and sandwiches

A week of angst here. Mostly self-induced (nearly always is). Silly misunderstandings with work situations that I will not bore you with (lucky you). I just wish that I had a radar system that alerted me when I was about to miss important details. It could save me such a lot of time and more importantly- worry. I see again that I’m not cut out for a job like doctor or pharmacist, having someone’s life in my hands. If I make mistakes and doubt myself this much in my little profession of teaching English, I’d be a nervous wreck as a surgeon. Not too mention that tiny problem of fainting at the sight of blood.

Which brings me to my second subject: accountants. I have some as students, and frankly I admire their cool, calm, analytical lives. I know I’m oversimplifying things, but I envy their neat and organized ways, their notebooks, their good penmanship. I imagine that they are this orderly in their personal lives, though it probably isn’t so. I suppose I’m just craving some order in my own life, and I’m projecting onto theirs. Maybe we always think that the other folks have it together. Maybe we need to think that someone out there has figured it all out.

Update on the obsessively clean landlady: they’ve charged us for 16 hours of cleaning and repairs. So we only got about a third of our deposit back with that and the cost of repairing what evil Chat did to the linoleum plus the humidity problem from the bathroom which crept into the bedroom. Live and learn and buy lots of cleaning products.

So I’ll end on a lighter note. The other day I’d prepared my Tupperware container of spiral pasta and a slice of ham for lunch. But come lunch time I couldn’t find it at work and so decided to go to my favorite American sandwich place which has happily franchised in the north of France. And as I’m such a good customer, the manager recognized me and gave me a discount. Plus he said he might be interested in taking English lessons with us. Wouldn’t it be funny if my sweet tooth for cookies brought in a new client? Well, I’ve got to find something to be positive about…


Chad said...

For whatever reason I have found that many accountants I know have the most unorganized personal financial lives. That never made any sense to me.

Crystal said...

k so you know i need the work gossip...what happened?