Saturday, March 23, 2013

Thing(s) I like about France

This post almost didn't come to be.  A few weeks ago I thought about making March the unofficial "say something nice about your host country" month with the ambitious idea of posting one positive France post a week.  But I wasn't sure I could come up with enough reasons! 

Before you tell me I'm being negative, let me say I'm in a more positive place about my adopted homeland than before.  But like so many expats, there are times when nostalgia and the urgent need for Krispy Kreme doughnuts makes me want to hop the next direct flight to Atlanta.  And perhaps the French griping gene has made its way into my system. 

But as I've mentioned before, there is one thing I really like around here and that is market day.  This is something you can see in America but you've got to admit that the Europeans do it in such a colorful and quaint way.  I also like that I can just set out by foot with my bag and in ten minutes be surrounded by all sorts of goodies.  It's a nice Saturday errand that makes me feel like I've gotten out into the world.  Even if I just buy an organic lemon to make madeleines (recipe coming soon) and a kilo of potatoes for some hachis parmentier, I have at least made contact with people.

So since market day is all about the visuals (and smells but you don't have smell-o-vision), I'll let the pictures do the talking.

Colorful awnings and a rainbow of produce.

Cheese lovers have plenty to choose from too.

Chickens, anyone?  For egg-laying, I assume.

My Saturday shopping bag- great for library books and lemons ;)
 Chocolate Easter eggs at a bakery near the market. 

As you can tell by these pictures, it's still cold around here.  But imagine it all on a sunny spring day and it's all the nicer.  So now it's your turn: what do you like about your country or adopted country?


Crystal said...

Cute pics! I like your market bag :)

I'm not the best person to ask what I like most about my adopted country right now. I've just about had it with France, and I want out! In the 7 years I've been here though, I must say that the markets have been some of my favourite things to visit, and I like that the food standards here are much higher and more extensive than in North America. And I don't eat beef, so the whole horse scandal didn't affect me personally (other than feeling awful for those poor animals being eaten).

I guess my favourite thing about France is Max and my favourite thing about my homeland is...everything else!

Den nation said...

Yes, I agree about the markets. Now that we are in Denmark, I really miss going to an outdoor market. There are none in Copenhagen.

What else do I like about France? The beautiful architecture. I really enjoy visiting villages and admiring the details of certain building or facades.

Lindle said...

Well, obviously I don't live in France, and I am not currently an ex-Pat, but my favorite things about France are YOU and JULIETTE. Because y'all are there, it makes it a lovely place, along with the bread and cheese and yogurt!

Anonymous said...

That's funny, we will all always have 'uh pincement au coeur' when it comes to comparing things with our home country. I get so well what you write except I'm French and living in the UK. Truth is the grass is always greener. But after living here for over 7 years I'm the same, not quite used to this place. I'm sure I'd miss it if I went abroad but there are so many things that exasperate me and make me wonder why the hell I'm still here. Well same thing, love and a partner who can't speak any French. But unlike you living abroad, I miss France terribly, the culture, book shops, long passionate debates, being able to express myself easily and feeling 'at home'. Strangely last time I came back a few people asked me where I came from, so my accent is probably starting to change a bit.