Friday, March 15, 2013

Weird week

Some weeks are just not predictable.  Blizzards.  Sick child.  Potential jobs and house loan dramas and, please, somebody stop the world and let me off! 

You see, I'm kind of like Monk in some ways, as I've mentioned before.  I'm still not quite a "go with the flow" kind of gal.  I dream of a world that is orderly and goes as planned.  Preferably with big black arrows telling you which way to go and what choice to make.  Ah, wouldn't it be just great?!

But instead, we got some insane amount of snow and snow drifts that made Tuesday a surreal day.  Four hours of lessons cancelled, trips to and from Juliette's school only to find her teacher couldn't make it in.  Battling whirls of flurries and bitter wind and sidewalks full of white stuff.  As we tried to make our way to the school with the little Tunisian mom in her black veil and her kids in their parkas, we all giggled and marvelled at our strange white world. 

Remi set out to go to the greenhouse, 30 minutes south of us, because the weight of the snow on the glass had broken some panes. Arctic air was filling the greenhouse and hurting the plants so he felt he needed to go and help his parents.  Only the snow drifts were so bad that way he had to abandon his car at one point and walk to a café.  And be pulled by SUVs and a tractor on three separate occasions.  After leaving here around 7 a.m. he came back at 1 p.m., never having reached the greenhouse.

"Hey, where am I gonna sleep?"

He stayed home Wednesday since the roads were still terrible that way and built a mega snow "mouse" with Juliette.  

Meanwhile my colleagues and I carpooled into work not knowing if the highway would still be blocked on the way back.  We saw big trucks and the poor cars stuck in between them at a standstill on the other side of the highway.  The truckers and drivers were standing by their cars talking since there was nothing better to do.  Luckily the highway cleared when it was time for us to go home in the evening.

Then in the wee hours of Thursday morning Juju called out and I felt her burning forehead.  She had a fever so I had to keep her at home.  Four more hours of lessons lost, salesguy not so happy, but what can you do.  My little girl has to come first.  She was a little droopy in the morning but back to her dolls and stuffed animals in the afternoon. After a nice nap, that is...

And in between it all there was a cancelled job interview (due to the weather) and issues with the loan that seem to have been ironed out... we hope.  Sometimes life is just so... confusing. And it can be too much for a non-spontaneous girl to cope with.  Do you think there are night classes on how to deal with life?  Sign me up.



Michelle Couny said...

Your week has been my week too! I haven't coped very well either with the last minute lesson cancellations, school closing and kids being at home more than they should be! I also have a sick child at home with me today!

Jenenz said...

Nature is so cruel and unpredictable at times. I hope the weather has cleared up, Juju is well, and life is calm and on schedule again. The snow mouse is so creative. Out of a mess comes creativity and play.

Hang in there!

Crystal said...

I still can't get over how much snow you got. I lived in the north for 3 years and never saw that much. Your snow mouse is awesome, though!

Keep us updated on the job/house situation. We are all rooting for you!

Lindle said...

A confluence of stress happens sometimes. It comes at you from all directions. It's how you survive it that reveals your character. Prioritize! Health and safety comes first. I have had weeks like that, and probably will again.
Bake something yummy and hug your little girl and pet your fat cat and know that all this yucky stuff will pass.
Love the giant snow mouse!