Monday, January 31, 2011

You know the feeling...

...when one of those oldie but goodies comes on the radio? You turn it up a bit too loud. You start driving a bit too fast, not intentionally, but because your foot is tapping to the beat. You start singing along even if you don't have tinted windows and you don't care if you look like a fool to the drivers around you. Because you are in the moment. And it doesn't get any better than this.

I'm guessing you've all got a song or two that are on your "must turn up loud" lists (and I'd love to know which ones). For me lately it's that Chaka Khan song, I feel for you. Yeah, I know, you whippersnappers born after 1980 are groaning about now. But you just wait. One day a song from your childhood will come on and kids (and by this I mean those only ten years younger than you) will scoff. Let them scoff all they want. One man's musical trash is my musical get down and boogey treasure.

My husband and I are basically from the same generation (he's four years younger), but I've found that the cultural differences can create some chasms in our musical tastes. Some sappy French 80s song will attract his attention while I'm trying not to make too many snide comments. But for him it recalls fond memories driving around with his dad when he was 10 or so.

But a car ride with Remi can also be a real exercise in patience because he's a pathological channel turner (same with the TV). I don't even have enough time to say, "Wait, that's a great Sting song," and he's turning it, and turning it again. The worst is when he'll have been listening 20 seconds, enough for me to get into a song, then abruptly turn. His internal song-o-meter must have told him it wasn't worthy.

Luckily we can agree on a few bands or artists, like most songs by Muse, Rhianna, Lady Gaga, and, oops, not too many more. His taste tends more towards all things dancey and slightly techno. I can dig some of those types of music, but also appreciate folksy rock and stuff he considers country, like the Eagles (help me out here, foks, they aren't country, right?, which I do like sometimes too, by the way).

Then there are those funny moments when I'll hear some strange French remake of The House of New Orleans. And a debate ensues about which country wrote it first. I'm inclined to think that would be my country, but not always.

Here's a game if you've got some time to waste: Listen to these French songs and name the American song. Answers at the end of the post.




So, did you get those? 1. Black is black, apparently by a Spanish band. 2. Do wah diddy diddy. Written by a British group. 3. My Way. And this one was actually written by the French artist first.

And yes I'm a little ashamed at how much time I spent on this post, but it sure was fun!


Jenenz said...

Eagles.....hmmmm....not strictly a country band. It's a rock band with country tendencies (at least in the early days). I remember the early Eagles during my Jr. High years. By the time I got to college, "The Long Run" LP (yes, the LP) was constantly playing on the record player in the dorms. I like the late 70's / early 80's Eagles. I have to say the Eagles are not a Country band.

Thanks for posting the videos. I enjoy listening to different versions of popular songs.

Lindle said...

Those videos were PAINFUL to watch. What was up with those dancing ladies who couldn't even keep they movements synchronized? Cringe-worthy!!! Thanks for the connections---I had no idea those songs had such roots.
What oldies makes me sing out loud in the car? Sultans of Swing by Dire Straits, I Told You So by Keith Urban, Jackson Browne's song the Eagles covered years ago: Take It Easy--I Want You to Want Me-- (I think that's the naem)gosh there are sooo many.