Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The buzz is gone, sort of

I thought this time would be different. That I could hold on to the positive attitude I'd come back with after three warm and cozy weeks with my family. And for a few days it seemed to be working. I didn't let things get to me like I used to, pre-vacation. I brushed off the snarky comments from so and so and didn't get peeved at that jerky driver. But the post-vacation buzz went away fast. Those five straight days of grey, rainy weather (so like this region) didn't help matters. I started wondering how I'd ever survived these winter mornings when the sun didn't peak out till 8:15. And those totally inconsiderate drivers. And the messy people in my apartment complex who are too lazy to just take their bulky trash to the recycling center instead of dirtying up our complex. Oh, well, I guess my attitude adjustment wasn't permament but my need for optimism (yes, it is in my vocabulary), has made me try to keep looking on the bright side.

Just as expat-pal Crystal mentioned, this is the period when vacation nostalgia starts kicking in. I put on a shirt we washed in the US and bury my face in the fabric because it smells like US dryer sheets! Or I look at my new Almay eye shadow kit and remember how I picked it out at Target. I proudly tell Juliette that such and such family member gave her that sweater. She's really gotten into it, to the point that she keeps saying "Janie (or other relative) gave you that" even if it's not true at all. Way to go for the big sentence structure though!

Her first day back at the sitter's she apparently jabbered away in English when Tata gave her a new babydoll (her Christmas present). Remi had to translate for the sitter as Juliette went on about "baby bib, baby bottle, baby diaper..." The second or third day I could see her adjusting back into her French mode. So it must be for her to interact with her little French friends and at school. But at home she's been speaking a lot of English.

And so the routine of work and grocery shopping and telling the cat not to eat the raw ground beef from the frying pan (wish that weren't a true story...) is starting again. But why don't we indulge in a little more nostalgia (I'm still in the two-week grace period, right?!) just one more time with a few videos from when we were on the other side...

Here she is singing and talking as we ride around my sister's town:

Did you catch her talking about the green light and that it means "go"?

And here she is sort of dancing (when she's not too self-conscious about the camera) to that so baby-friendly Akon song...

I promise the next post will be non-vacation related!


Jenenz said...

It is nice to remember the trip and bring those warm memories back. Keeps the experience alive.

That Juliette is sooooo smart! Green means go, wow! And she never passes up an opportunity to DANCE.

Crystal said...

aww you know I know just how you feel...I hardy have any of the food products I brought back left, and all the clothes have gone through my French washing machine by now...even my suitcase is stowed away under the bed :( But I suppose it's better to remember the trips home fondly and not dwell too much on the return...I know I know, easier said than done.

Juliette is as adorable as always...she's really so beautiful.

Hugs from here :)

Lindle said...

I think that letdown is normal. There was a frenzy of activity and people surrounding you with smiles and joy to see you--and then, "poof," it is out of your vision and senses. I actually feel the same way when you leave us. And I am beginning to get that whenever I leave France (now that I have been there so many times). Your wings took you far away, but your main roots remain.
What a treat to hear Juliette sing again! "Ta--Da!"
P.S. I CAN send you dryer sheets, you know! :)