Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Shades of grey

Or gray, as you like it. In my family we seem to prefer grey with an "e" because it seems more British and cosmpolitan. But anyway you spell it, the color is still the same. In France the weather forecasters (usually very well-dressed ladies in their fifties) will announce "grisaille" (pronounced greez-ey-ya) or grey weather, in an apologetic way. The word itself is just icky. And that's what we've been experiencing quite a lot these past two weeks. This part of France is rather blessed with greyness. A few sunny days scattered here and there to buoy us up just a little. To remind us what it's like to not have to turn on the lights at 10 a.m. or 3 in the afternoon. Just a patch of blue can be enough to remind us there is life beyond blah-ness.

Ah, as I write this, the sun is peaking through. Today's half and half. Something to be thankful for on this week of Thanksgiving. Even though I know I'm going home in less than a month (!!!), I always miss my fam on Thanksgiving. I just know I'm missing out on coziness and good food. But mom sent me some goodies again so I guess I'll rustle up some stuff to get in the spirit. And truly, I do have so much to be thankful for. As for the weather, I'll just have to try to do as the folks around here do (or at least what they like to say): put the sun in my heart since it's not always in the sky. Good advice no matter where you live.


Jenenz said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Turkey, stuffing, and pie. It's the best time of the year for foodies.

Lindle said...

You really do have to put that sunshine in the heart and then let it burst outward. Even grey can be good--it makes us slow down and reflect. I heard a co-worker the other day say she was disappointed the sun had come out, because she was looking forward to a grey, rainy afternoon at home. They calmed her down. So for some, the grey cloud's silver lining is the grey!!!
Happy Cranberry Sauce Day!
Happy Pumpkin Pie Day!
Happy Turkey Day!
Happy Thanksgiving!