Saturday, October 23, 2010

Snippets of my life

This post has no real theme. It's just bits and pieces of what's going on. I'm getting a bit more adjusted to fall. I'm trying to see the positive aspects. Like cozying up on the couch under a blanket with Juliette to read some books. Or having a real excuse for this homebody girl to stay inside. Like today. It's gray, rainy, windy, perfect reason to stay in and putter. Which I generally do anyway. I'm getting into making bread. Just need a little time to knead it and let it rise and then you've got nice warm bread.

But I'm still apprehensive about the gloomy months ahead. Dreading the time change next weekend when it will be dark by 5:30 and over the next month, even earlier. That's why I think I'll be spending, oh, the next four months in this little number when I'm at home.

A blanket with sleeves. I might never leave the house.

At least I'm appreciating my dryer even more now that it would take ages to dry stuff outside. What a joy it is for me to clean out the lint filter. Sadly, I'm not kidding at all when I say that. And I honestly don't iron nearly as much as I did!

Meanwhile, Little Miss Juju's been a real rascal. She's taken to pushing the 20-month-old around at the sitter's even if he hasn't provoked her at all. I don't want my daughter to become the neighborhood bully. I've seen it with my own eyes though. One Monday morning she just coldly pushed his shoulder instead of smiling and saying hello. Let's hope it's just a phase. Like her refusing just about everything we put in front of her at mealtimes lately.

She's also proving that kids have more fun with the box than what's inside (Murphy's baby law #7).

And that there's no use buying real toys when she'll just use normal objects, like this thermometer which is being used as a phone. Check out how complex this conversation is! I think she hears the sitter on the phone quite a bit...


Emmy said...

i love the pink fish thermometer video!

and I only said 5 minutes ago to Ju that I NEEEED a dryer. We're actually having to take some of his clothes back to his mum's tonight so they can be re-washed. They smell of humidity because they just don't dry!! I am sooooo jealous!

bon weekend!

Lindle said...

Oh no! Not the blanket-robe! We do want to cozy up on the grey, rainy days though. That smell of bread cooking in your kitchen is a soothing way to get through the days where the chill gets you down.
What a chatterbox Juliette is too! Was it all in French? What WAS she saying? Let's hope it was an apology to the little boy at daycare. Be nice, Juliette. Be nice. Luvya-

Jessamyn said...

They call them Snuggies here. They're a bit of a joke and yet I bet comfortable. Check out the fur-trimmed one.

Turn the gray days into an opportunity for hot tea-time.

Love ya!

Crystal said...

you have a Snuggie?? so jealous...I've always wanted one yet I've never seen them in France. Perhaps I'll pick one up at Wal-Mart when I go home at Xmas ;)

And Juliette is such a little chatterbox! It's funny to see how babies mimic the people around them. If only we knew what they were saying...

Don't know about the north, but it's sunny and kinda warm today in Paris so I think I'm going to get dose of vitamin D and take Pinch for a long walk along the Seine. Get out and enjoy the sun while it's here!

Mil said...

Ok, please don't think I really own a Snuggie. You guys think I'd really sink that low?! At least I wouldn't admit it in public...

Jenenz said...

I was wondering what a French Snuggie would look like. I guess sleeved blankets don't lose their translation or cheesy appear across international lines. Your posts are great because they make me curious. I will now google to see how many versions of "Snuggies" there are in the world.

Love hearing Juliette talk on the phone. She is so cute when she says "bye bye".

Anonymous said...

You are so much like me. I just LOVE days when the only reason I get out of the house is to walk Isabella! However you PUTTER, I PUTZ around my house.

Oh, and about the Snuggy, I'm like your Mom, Oh no, don't go there!

Love the chocolate desert. I will definitely try that one.

Love you and can't wait to see you.