Saturday, June 19, 2010

What's up here

I've just taken my towels out of the dryer. Yes, you read that right, the dryer. He swears he doesn't read my blog, but Remi must have gotten tired of me complaining about constantly hanging up laundry. And then taking the crispy items down. Then getting up the courage to iron them in front of the TV. He must have picked up on those comments about how the towels in the US are so soft because they actually use dryers. So he plunked down an obscene amount of money to get us one that can be stacked on the Whirlpool washer. The dryer is also a Whirlpool, 'cause it's a US brand, he was quick to note.

And who better to celebrate my return to the modern technological world than my mom and sister. They shared my joy when we felt those very soft towels. Whirlpool should have added that to their brochure "Four good reasons to buy a dryer," which I hadn't noticed was included with my washer five years ago. In case you need to convince yourself, or your husband, here they are:

1. Quicker drying time (duh! if it were longer, it would be a rip-off): one to two hours versus 24 to 48 on the line.

2. Better drying for less ironing (amen!): Clothes are less wrinkled thus easier to iron (or not necessary at all, for some items). No need to iron the towels (like I ever did that).

3. Save space in your home: less room needed for the drying rack or lines.

4. Less time spent hanging up and collecting clothes: (Take note of this one...) Four loads a week means an hour and a half putting up and taking down your drying rack laundry. That's 12 days a year spent on this chore!

Hope this helps you all out.

And in between admiring the gleaming white appliance, mom and Jess have been busy bees helping us out with home projects. A new tile backsplash for behind the stove top (rather the two burner free-standing system). And as the dryer took up space I used for bathroom supplies we decided to get a real medicine cabinet. So yesterday morning Remi and the rest of us went to Ikea for some decision-making. I feel a bit weird suddenly spending money on stuff, but then again, most of the year I don't buy a thing. I put off little projects that would make my life easier in the end. I'll soon post pictures of the new and improved kitchen.

I've been working most days they were here but not always full days. They've been enjoying getting to know the nearly two-year old Juliette (who's not the same as the one-year old mom saw last year or even the sixteen-month old Jessy met again in November). She's been showing us her ever-increasing ability to throw tantrums at any moment. She's developed a high pitch way of saying "no" that merits time in the corner or her crib. Not an easy time, though she can have her sweet moments, too. Like looking at a video of herself with Jessy. And dancing around to the radio. Check her out in this video while I go fondle my towels again.


Emmy said...

it's a very sad moment indeed when you realise that you're JEALOUS that your friend has a dryer, but I much.

It's the single worst chore I have, hanging out the washing, followed closely by folding the crispy remains afterwards and followed even closer by the hell that is ironing the darned crispy things.

We have a top loading washing machine which makes buying a superimposed dryer impossible and we don't have the room to put one next to the washing machine. faux pas indeed.

Be warned, your towels are not safe. I'll be round soon enough to fondle them too... :o)

Crystal said...

I, for one, love ironing and have always felt that a crispy towel after a shower acts not only as a drying mechanism, but also an exfoliator :p One day, I'll have a dryer too, but til then, I have my trusty drying rack and lots of polyester clothes that never need ironing :)

Glad to see you are having a nice time with your mom and sister. A great way to start the summer!

Mary Q Contrarie said...

I actually am the other way. I am proud of the fact that I have been dryer free for two years. I know that I am doing a great thing for the environment. It is great to have a conversation with my kids about conservation. When they ask why we use a clothes drying rack and their friends family use a dryer.

Jenenz said...

Oh, I'm so happy that you have dryer now! It does save time in the long run and there is nothing better than putting your face on a freshly warm dried fluffy towel. Folding laundry right out of the dryer is a blessing.

I see that Juliette is getting her Lady Gaga steps down pat. The swirling arms are wild and rhythmic.

Lindle said...

Personally, I think it's great to have the option of the technology. Nothing smells better than sheets that have been sunbaked dry (my opinion), and the rack is not in the garbage heap by any means. On bright sunny days, Juliette and her mom will enjoy placing things on the rack on the balcony to catch the sun. And on cold, rainy days, her mom knows she has another way to make things soft and warm. In the country, you see clothes on the line in the yards all the time. In the cities of the USA--not so much.
To other subjects: how do you all type on these French keyboards? Letters are in the wrong places, and it takes me forever to find the punctuation marks I need.

And...Juliette is quite the dancer. We took in a little live music last night at Arras's music fest for the summer equinox, and she was swaying and kicking, all from the stroller! The crowds would have crushed her.
(her visiting grandmere)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your new dryer!!!! I think one of the happiest moments of my life was when I got my first washer and dryer. It sure beats the laundromat!!!!
Looks like ya'll are having a lot of fun. Hi to you both Lin and Jess (love your hair Jess) Have fun and a safe trip back home, know you will hate to leave.
Love to you all,