Saturday, April 3, 2010

Ode to chocolate

On this weekend of chocolate eating, a tribute to that divine food. This video seems like some weird concept film with me saying "chocolate" periodically and Juliette doing a funny smile like a Cheshire cat. She must have thought I was taking her picture so she smiled for the camera. Yes, I should have taken her gloves off but it was a chocolate emergency!


Lindle said...

A most appropriate early word for our bebe! Fortunately, it sounds so similar in French as it does in English, so we will be able to understand each other's requests for this delightful food group. Brava, Juliette! Encore du chocolat! :) MameeLin

Crystal said...

I make that same face when I eat chocolate too :)

Jenenz said...

ummyHow wonderful to be able to say that lovely word, "chocolate", and with such enthusiasm.

Hope you all had a restful Easter weekend.