Saturday, April 3, 2010

Friends and family

There are periods in your life where you seem to not do much at all, stay in your corner and not see a soul. Then all of a sudden there's a flurry of activity and you see lots of people in a short time. Luckily I'm entering one of those busier social times, and after the tough winter months where I had to isolate sickly baby, it's a welcome change.

Friday afternoon I stepped out with baby to the laundromat to wash the big comforter in preparation for my dad's arrival next week. I'm looking forward to seeing him and showing him a few more sights around here. I know he'll be glad to spend time with Juliette and sample a few French pastries. Anyway, moments after I'd put the comforter in the machine, I saw my friend Caroline and her sister walking past the laundromat. I nearly knocked a woman down as I tried to catch their attention. They came in and kept Juliette entertained and gave me company as I waited for my comforter to finish spinning. Then they left to go to the bakery, and bless their souls, stopped by again to give me a piece of this fabulous tarte au sucre (sugar pie: think light Danish filling with sugary gooey topping). Love those girls. Caro can make the dullest chores more bearable.

Then Saturday two blogs collided when I met the lovely Welsh girl Emma and her boyfriend. They were tracking some mysterious golden disk in a GPS-driven game that led them near my town. I was pleased to meet them both and do a bit of France-dissing with equally disenchanted Emma. Once again, it was nice to have some folks to entertain Juliette and this time also Cat-ki!

It does make me feel lighter to see friends. Sometimes it's something that's lacking, though I really am blessed to have met some great folks here in France. As spring gets in full gear I'll be a greenhouse widow again. Remi will get home later and most of our Sundays from morning till evening will be spent at his family's right next to the business. Maybe I'll get into some light gardening while making sure Juliette doesn't stick her hand in things she shouldn't. But it will be a busy time and Remi will be quite tired. But if I can make it through May and my oral report for the teaching equivalent degree (wish me luck for May 11th), then June will bring more family visits, mom and Jessy hopefully.

That and a few Subway cookie visits should be glimmers of hope to get me through the tough times.

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Crystal said...

I didn't know you met Emma in person!! She's rarely on msn so I havent chatted with her in a bit. Glad to hear things are looking up...I usually complain when I'm too busy, but in fact, it's better to be running around seeing people and having things to do than be sitting at home bored and alone.

Have a great time with your dad and say hi to Caro for me!