Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The King of Pop and the Queen of Hip-Shaking

Here Juliette pays tribute to Michael Jackson. If you look closely, it's really her moving, not Remi. Just before that she was dancing next to the TV so Remi went on youtube to find the song and get the same effect.

As an aside, I can't really say I was that moved by his death. He was a talented singer and dancer in the past, but he'd become a sad shell of his former self. But that's just me...

And here you see her getting down to Shakira's new song. These songs must have the universal baby rhythm.

Have we got a baby Ginger Rogers on our hands?


Lindle said...

Love it! She's a natural, and she's even singing, "Bap, bop, baaa." You can hear the melody in her song. All that bouncing and standing up is leading to the next step--ballroom dancing!
Love, MameeLin

Jenenz said...

Rythym is in her blood! She's got the moves down. And a singer too! I'm looking forward to her first cd. Can I be in the fan club?