Saturday, September 19, 2009

Couples therapy, one episode at a time

Last week during a discussion (read: argument) with Remi, he said I was acting like Lynette. One of the “desperate” housewives played by Felicity Huffman who is always jumping to conclusions and is sometimes overly suspicious. Having anticipated this, I quickly retorted that if he remembered last week’s episode, Tom, Lynette’s husband, apologized for not realizing how his actions might be hurting his wife.

I know it’s just a show and maybe not even the best-written of all time. But, it does highlight some husband-wife relations that just about anyone can identify with (ok, maybe not the part about your pharmacist poisoning your husband or your husband being an ex-con). It’s just fiction and in the space of 40 odd minutes, the larger-than-life couples are able to resolve their problems with witty banter. But sometimes it makes us feel like we’re not that far off the mark from other couples with their silly problems. I think of it as free therapy.

For a while I’ve been wondering which of the wives I resemble the most. And in fact, like most women, I’m probably a mix. Uptight with perfectionist tendencies: Bree Van de Kamp. Though my house and cooking will never be as exquisite as hers, I often have Martha Stewart aspirations and certainly am too strict with myself sometimes. Protective of her family and yes, a tad suspicious, that’s the Lynette in me. But I’m probably most like Susan in that I often say the wrong things, am clutzy and am overly worried about pleasing other people. I’m perhaps the least like Gabrielle, but at times I can be sassy and straight-talking. I probably should be more often.

So for any other DH fans out there, which wife are you?


Crystal said...

I'd have to say I'm most like Susan and Lynette. I'm very rational and sarcastic like Lynette, but like Susan, I try to be a people-pleaser and mediator in arguements between friends. I have nothing in common with "perfect wife" Bree, although perhaps like her, I try not to let my emotions show. And as for Gabrielle...I think I have her lack of maternal instincts lol. Unfortunately I haven't watched the show in a while because I refuse to watch it in French, but I must have at least 2 seasons to catch up!

Lindle said...

A teacher at my school calls me Lynette sometimes. She says I remind her of that DH. I confess I've only seen one episode of the show--so I don't know, but if she's sarcastic and sometimes rational--that's a fit.

Anonymous said...

Dear Milam,
You REALLY should have a column in a newspaper.They remind me of the articles that Kerri always starts her show off with in Sex and the City, (yes, I am a Sex and the City addict. I watch the episodes over and over again.) I love reading what you write and have since the Adventures if the Kittles.Everyone I show them to is absolutely amazed.You've got what it takes!

Love and miss you,