Saturday, September 12, 2009

Ginger whingeing and September blues

I had a revelation last week. I ran across a thing on the BBC (actually intended for English learners) about redheads and why they apparently complain a lot (that’s the whingeing word; I’d never heard of it before). The reporters said that it’s Scientifically Proven (!) that redheads need on average 20% more anesthesia during surgery as their pain tolerance is lower than people with other hair colors. And that more redheads avoid dental appointments than others for the same reason. I’m not sure if they mean we complain more about pain or just life in general. In my case it would be the latter, but perhaps that’s just this particular strawberry blond. For a moment it made me feel a bit better about myself. Could this explain why I’m so damn sensitive? Why I get tears in my eyes when someone starts telling me a slightly sad story or the background music gets melodramatic on TV? Why some days I’d rather stare out of the windy gloomily than get up off my duff and do something? Hmm, I don’t think it can explain everything, but maybe parts of my personality. But it might explain why I fainted when they gave me the epidural.

In other news, September is here and despite some bright and lovely blue sky days, I can feel change upon us. Remi’s mother said she doesn’t like the months that end in “re”: septembre, octobre, novembre and décembre. Since I’ve lived in France, I’d have to agree with her. But it wasn’t always the case. I loved the nip in the air that September brought when I was an Alabama resident because it meant relief was in sight from August’s dog days of summer. I still feel nostalgic for the crispness in the air and how it’s connected to going back to school and falling leaves and plaid skirts. But now that I’m in France, autumn, my once favorite season, is not as cheerful as it used to be. Too many gray days and rain and soon driving to work in the dark are probably around the corner. The winters are mild here but just cold, gray and long enough to make me dread them. So every nice day we’ve had this month just reminds me it might be the last one for a while. It’s not all doom and gloom though. I’m really trying to count my blessings and keep looking forward to the little things. I'll keep you posted.


Crystal said...

I haven't heard this about red-haired people, but apparently marmalade cats have a particular gene that makes them "crazier" than other coloured cats. It sure would explain why Noé is such a screwball.

I used to love September and October too when I was in school. Canada has a beautiful Autumn with brightly coloured leaves falling everywhere and that damp, crisp air just makes you feel so alive. Around here, it's car exhaust that hangs in the air and overcast skies. Hang in there, we'll get through the winter together!!

Lindle said...

Things to make the grey days a little brighter: turn on more lights, for goodness sake! Play cheery music. Enjoy soft colorful sweaters. Make chicken chili and cornbread muffins. And know that it is temporary--it will pass and become spring. The snap in the air does get the blood moving. Maybe physiologically, it constricts those capillaries and makes our hearts beat faster? Anyone out there to support this idea?
Redheads do feel more pain than other persuasions. They also bleed more freely from surgeries. They are more sensitive to the light. They are an afflicted bunch of melancholics or wild-crazy drunks, but they sure enhance the palette of the world's people.
Love you-