Saturday, August 22, 2009

Summer’s last hurrah?

So we did indeed take that trip to the beach. Or should I say beaches, plural? We took advantage of a nice warm weekend and the fact that Remi didn’t need to work all weekend (was there a lunar eclipse in there too?) to give Juliette her first beach experience. So Saturday morning we set out at 7:30 a.m. to arrive at Quend at around 9:30. This is a lovely wide sandy beach in the Picardie region. Here Juliette discovered what fun it was to crawl on the sand and let the waves splash over her feet. She absolutely hated us taking her out of the water, but that may also have been because we prevented her from putting shells in her mouth. Though we were watching her closely, she managed to stuff some in there and thus followed emergency mouth prying-open operation. Luckily we got the shells out, but we’re both just wondering when the famous oral stage will end.

That night we stayed in a bed and breakfast (chambre d’hôte) further inland that was run by an English couple. They’re very hard-working folks and have done a great job on their place. I could tell they miss their homeland a bit too. It’s not easy even when you’re in closer proximity. They served us a huge real English breakfast with baked beans and delicious sausages.

Sunday morning it was off to Cayeux-sur-Mer, a beach that has more pebbles. It was a bit tougher to walk on but it has its own charm and beauty, too. There are rows of these beach cabins where people apparently store gear or change into their swimsuits or have tea parties with their cats!

And finally we hopped down to Mers-les-Bains, a beach which has cliffs nearby and lovely architecture. We ate a nice meal there and Juliette played in the water again.

Of course, the non-stop fun must eventually come to an end. Those lazy days where the top thing on your to-do list is get an ice cream cone are lovely and relaxing, but I suppose if every day were that care-free, we wouldn’t appreciate it. At least that’s how I’m trying to justify it to myself as the back-to-school commercials keep reminding us that summer’s nearly over. At least school kids have new backpacks and notebooks to cheer them up. What can adults do to get back in the mood for work and waking up early? My solution: I’m going to try to have something fun to look forward to every week. Maybe it’s treating myself to a pastry or seeing a friend. Maybe it’s Desperate Housewives Season 5. I don’t know if it will work, but as I can’t really go on vacation every weekend, it’ll have to do for now!


Crystal said...

lovely photos! I'd really like to go there...I love walking on the beach and seeing cliffs in the background; it's so relaxing.

Juliette looks adorable scooting around in the did she react to sand in her mouth?

I think setting little weekly "goals" is a good idea - something small can be a big boost. My problem is that to get out and see friends or go buy something fun, I have to face the traffic, the crowded trains, the busy streets and I find that discouraging. I'd rather stay in at home where I feel safe and not surrounded by grumpy people. I'll just have to make little fun plans when I come up to the north and see you guys!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Crystal that you have to set a goal every week. Mine can be as simple as sleeping in on Saturday and Sunday. And as you know, I just LOVE sitting quietly and having that first delicious cup of coffee on the weekend rather than taking a sip here and there as I'm rushing to get dressed,trying to find something decent to wear, fixing my lunch, walking Bella and trying to get in gear for the school day. Very simple pleasures!!!

I love you,