Saturday, August 29, 2009

Job wanted

Mommy keeps saying the e-con-o-my is bad this year. So I think it's wise to start job-hunting now. Thirteen months isn't too early, is it?

And as I was born in the twenty-first century, I'll do this the modern way, by showing my skills on the Internet.

Firstly, I'm great at communication, as my phone skills in this video can show you. (Mommy says she doesn't know why this video's so fuzzy.)

And here you can see that I'm great at organizing things. These were those child protection thingeys. I think they're much more useful on the floor than on doors and drawers, personally.

Add to that that I can say sophisticated words like "cat-ki" and "me-now" (what a cat says, duh?!), and I think you'll see I'd be a great employee.

Did I mention I can bang on the keyboard and make emails and other quantities of text disappear? Contact "JuJu" if you want me to send my CV.


Lindle said...

JuJu--I would hire you immediately! I have a position available for a granddaughter who can hear a phone from the back of her head and who files the way I do (throw it behind you for later). You WOULD have to relocate to the USA, however? Is that a problem? I could handle your moving expenses and you could pay me back with hugs and kisses.
Love, MameeLin-future employer.

Crystal said...

that's usually how I talk to France Telecom on the phone when they call :)

Love the videos!

Jenenz said...

I can see it now, "JuJu, CEO of CAT-KI". Can I work for her? I think she'll be a great boss.

Anonymous said...

She's following in your footsteps alright. Remember what a gifted secretary you were when you were a baby. You could have amazing conversations on the phone and you were very professional. The only problem was no one could understand a word you said but it made sense to you and made Pope laugh until he cried every time you did it.

I love you all and miss you,