Saturday, May 16, 2009

She's gonna start asking us for a dog

I have a theory that she thinks the dog is real. This is about the same reaction she has with Chat-chat.


Lindle said...

I think she is saying "dig dog" or something very much like that! What a precious moment you have captured with this video. She's so full of excitement over this animal she is trying to eat! Let's hope she doesn't do that to Chat chat!
Love it.

Anonymous said...

I definitely heard the d...o... sounds.She's smarter than some of my kids at school. How precious she is! She'll be talking before you know it.

Love you all,

Jenenz said...

I agree with everyone that baby is saying "dog" in her magnificient way of talking. And her squeeling is delightful! She just loves that "dig dog" of hers. She has been listening well. Can't wait to hear more words.

Danny said...

She is still kicking her legs like crazy. More expression than when I was there. what a difference a month makes. can't wait to see you all.

Crystal said...

so cute...I'd let you borrow Pinch, but he'd try to eat BB...we don't want that now do we :(