Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I’m hands-down the world’s worst decision maker. This week I had to decide between two career counseling centers where I may do the famous “bilan de compétences”, a series of meetings with a counselor to talk about what my skills are and what I can do in this old life of mine. I asked myself if I was having this much trouble choosing a center, how the HECK was I going to later choose a new career path or training program. One bright spot though, in explaining what I consider a convoluted job situation to one of the administrative people this week, I was pleasantly surprised when she understood it right away.

Now there are smaller choices in life which can still be difficult in their own way. Should I choose the drive-through or go inside McDonald’s on this busy Wednesday before noon? I rarely treat myself to fast food these days, and seeing the parking lot full, I decide to do the “good” thing (in terms of my budget) and just eat at home.

At the supermarket I linger over the choice of a new trash can for the recyclables. With the step mechanism to open or the swing top? The smaller size or should I go ahead and buy bigger knowing that we’ll probably stuff it to the limit before getting off our duffs and emptying it? For the record I chose swing top and medium-size, but I'm going to return it as Remi said to go for the bigger size.

Then there’s the baby food aisle and the teething biscuits. Organic or regular thus risk of more pesticides? But wait, in fact upon reading the label I see that it’s only once your baby has teeth, and JuJu is still all gums. Ok, that decision’s made for me. No biscuits for now.

I’m honestly paralyzed by decision-making most of the time. I would gladly pay someone to make the decisions for me and then I’d just accept the consequences more willingly. But first I’d have to choose the person. Applications welcome!


Anonymous said...

Dear Milam,
I know this won't come as good news to some but you are exactly like your Aunt Sunny. I have struggled with this problem all my life. I can NEVER make a decision, neither do I even WANT to. Even when I do muster up all my courage and make a decision, I doubt my choice for months, even years! Why? I don't know!!!! I've always yearned to be the type person who knows exactly what she wants but after $#@$#%$#@$ years I don't think anything is going to change. Sorry for the bad gene distribution.

Love, Sunny

Jenenz said...

There's been times when I let my boss' dog, Angus, make a choice for me. I'll hold two items in front of him and his doggy nose will touch one of the items. Don't know if your kitty is willing to do some choosing for you, worth giving it a try. At least you'll get some amusement out of it.

BTW, I think you're making great choices!

Crystal said...

hey I was thinking of hiring a decision maker too :) At least it would take some of the pressure off me to make some very important life decisions...

just curious...why is difficult to choose between the two centres? Are they really different in terms of price for the bilan, times, dates etc? I would imagine it's a pretty standard procedure everywhere, no?

Lindle said...

Okay, let's give you some ideas for how to make choices...
1. Write both (or more) choices on separate pieces of paper. Fold the papers into the shape of a paper airplane. They must be constructed exactly alike. Then providing equal thrust, send the airplanes into the air. The one that lands the furthest is YOUR CHOICE.
2. Write the choices on sticky notes of the same color. Put them on Juliette's highchair tray. See which one she points to first. That's YOUR CHOICE!
3. Take the name of your choice and try to write it backwards. If it resembles a real word, or sounds funny to say--That's YOUR CHOICE.
4. Count the letters in the words of your choices. Are they even, odd, prime or composite numbers? Do you care? See what the digits equal to when added up. Then go eat a piece of lemon meringue pie. When you come back, if the numbers haven't changed, go have a cup of hot chocolate or coffee. Return and reverse the numbers and repeat the steps listed above. By then you will have decided to worry about it another day.
Any other suggestions out there?

Anonymous said...

I'm willing to work as a errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
decision maker........